Gallery Walls Galore!

(Just so this post doesn’t make you think my house is perfect, you should probably read Monday’s post Imperfectly Beautiful if you haven’t yet)

I love the gallery wall fad!!

One of my first decorations was a small picture wall above our bed. It’s black and white wedding pictures and I love it!

I realize our walls look a little school bus yellow in these pictures. The color was much brighter on the walls than I thought when I originally picked it, but I really like it now against our very neutral green/ brown scheme.

Recently I’ve added TWO more gallery/ grouping walls in our house. Both of which are ideas gathered from Pinterest, thankyouverymuch.

One is a grouping of the fruit of the spirit. I have these pages of paper letters that I modge podged on scrapbook paper. Here we go!

But the fruit of the spirit is

love, joy, peace

patience, kindness, goodness

faithfulness, gentleness

and self control.


And my most recent is an embroidery hoop wall! This project was super cheap and easy! I was shocked.

Online I saw some people who left about an inch of fabric and then glued it inside the hoop. I did that to some, but then felt like you could see the fabric gathered up underneath when it was on the wall. For most of them, I just gathered it really tight and cut off the fabric fairly close to the hoop. If you’re close enough, you can see it, but I didn’t really care.

We have plaster walls, so for this one and the fruit of the spirit frames, I just used the Command strips.

It looks a little janky with the embroidery hoop wall, but I’d rather do that then have plaster start crumbling off from too many nail holes. (Sad.)

Also, these are in an area going up my stairs, so there is not much light. Hence, the awkward pictures. My bad. Hope you can still get a little glimpse:)

Next I have a big gallery wall planned for an empty space in my dining room. Yay!

Do you have gallery walls in your house? What are some of your favorite decorating tips and tricks?


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