A Leap of Faith on Leap Day

So there’s been a lot going on over here! If you’ve followed our infertility story at all and knew that we went on the waiting list for embryo adoption in January of 2010 you may be happy to hear….

In November we Became the Proud Parents of Two Frozen Embryos!! 

AHH! So exciting:)

In October we got the list and choose our two embryos. A much, much, much more difficult and complicated process than that, but I don’t want to go through all of that right now:)

As of November, 11th 2011 they legally became ours and our names were put on them!!! My nurse informed us of what we would have to do and in the beginning of December we had doctor’s appointments all day. (Literally)

First up? Psychologist. Everyone who goes through donor conception meets with a psychologist. I was actually pretty nervous about this. Bryan boiled it down to “They basically want to make sure we’re not crazy.” “But what if she asks us something we haven’t thought about before?” I asked. Bryan assured me that we’ve thought through a lot and even if we didn’t have all the answers it would be okay.

That appointment went well! And my insurance even covered it! Praise the Lord! It was pretty neat to share our story and have affirmation that we are doing what is best for our hopeful children.

Next up? My fertility doctor. We discussed the process and signed lots and lots of paperwork. We signed that these embryos are officially OURS and any resulting children are ours… That we can’t give them back to the doctor:)

Next we met with the embryologist, Wendy. This lady was pretty dang smart and you could tell she was giving us the bare bones of what she knows. We learned all about the freezing/ thawing process and about embryo quality. We saw pictures of the lab and the technology they use to fertilize, freeze and thaw which was pretty neat. We were thrilled to learn that our embryos are grade 2 or above! (my clinic grades them 1 through 4) They are blastocysts which means they are hundreds of cells and are prime for implantation. We also learned that when our babies were frozen (March of 2006… almost 6 years ago – crazy) they had recently changed the process and the embryos have about a 90% thaw rate!!!! We were thinking it would only be about 50% so we were so encouraged.

We then met with my favorite nurse, Patty. She scheduled our FET (frozen embryo transfer) cycle, ordered our meds, showed me how to use them and gave us our treatment schedule. We would start my meds the day we returned from the cruise and hoping everything went well, the transfer date was scheduled for January 18th! We left and were so excited!!!

There’s obviously no guarantee of anything, BUT as of 11/11/11 – these are our babies. And we are so hopeful and excited for the possibilities they may bring!!

(And if you’re paying attention, you’ll notice that it’s after January 18th… Stay tuned and I’ll be sharing more about our experience in the next couple months!! )


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8 Responses to A Leap of Faith on Leap Day

  1. Kaely says:

    Jackie! I have been waiting for this post!! so encouraged by your words and excited to see whats next!!

  2. Layci says:

    I hope you don’t keep us waiting long! :) I can’t wait to hear more and am really excited for you. Prayer and God’s Blessings to you!

  3. jenrmott says:

    This is so exciting!! I have been praying for this!
    One question: what exactly is the “transfer process”? Does that mean that the embryos are implanted in you right now?!

    • jackielopina says:

      The transfer is a procedure where the doctors place the embryos in the uterus through a catheter. You would then wait and it’s up to the embryos! The hope is that they would implant a few days later and a healthy pregnancy would follow!

      We HAVE gone through the transfer process… but you’ll have to wait and see what happened next:)

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