I was prepared that our FET (frozen embryo transfer) cycle would leave me feeling miserable for about 6 weeks. I would be taking birth control, doing subcutaneous shots (Lupron) in my stomach for almost a month as well as a handful of other medications including synthetic estrogen. The goal of all of this was for my normal (crazy, unbalanced) hormones to chill out, so they could medically ensure a healthy uterine lining.

I was thrilled that I didn’t have too many side effects at all! I probably felt the worst on birth control and Lupron combination… I was really swollen and uncomfortable. After we stopped the birth control, there was a week of only Lupron before introducing other meds. My nurse warned my husband us this week can be very emotional. Indeed it was a little weepy for me, although at least we were prepared for it:) It was the week before Christmas and I would cry strongly at anything remotely touching and sweet. Thankfully it wasn’t at sad things – that would be depressing. And I usually ended up laughing at the ridiculousness I was crying at… like when I began strongly weeping about 7 times during Elf. Seriously.

Other than that, I liked Lupron. Is that a completely weird thing to say? Don’t get me wrong – it gets old giving yourself shots in your stomach every day… even at the end, I never totally felt comfortable with it. But, Lupron makes some women completely miserable and I was so thankful it didn’t for me. It actually made my jacked up hormones calm down so I didn’t have constant pain from PCOS, I had lost some weight (the OPPOSITE of what I expected!) and it dried my hair out so I was only washing it only every other day. I gained hours in my week!

After we began our medications, there were a few things that could have prevented the transfer. One was a test to look at my uterus, an SIS. This was the first time I’ve had this and we were excited that everything looked good! Obstacle #1 diverted:)

I kept up the meds (Lupron and a slow increase of Estrace a few times a day) and a few weeks later we had an ultrasound to check how my lining was developing. It looked good!! We were ON for our embryo transfer the next week! We were so, so excited!!

However, I was getting VERY nervous about the intramuscular 1-1/2 inch needle progesterone shots I would need to begin getting in the back of my hips, beginning after the ultrasound. I was planning on doing them myself but was nervous, especially about the awkward angle. My sweet hubby had never given a shot before and was feeling uncomfortable about it. However he said if I really wanted him to, he would. My fabulous nurse did the first one and basically corralled Bryan along:) After seeing it once, Bryan was ready to go get em!

He did my shot almost every morning and was a champion at it! After the ultrasound we were only FIVE days away from our embryo transfer! My dose of Estrace was increasing, I added in Medrol and the few days before the transfer I was taking meds three times a day. But the transfer is so soon!! We were nervous and excited! Ahh! This is what we’ve been waiting a year for!!


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10 Responses to FET

  1. Erin Wilson says:

    This is very suspenseful Jackie! You’re killing me here!!!

  2. abbrogle says:

    Dear friend, I don’t know where this journey has put you both but I can only hope and pray that the Lord will bestow mercy upon mercy and give life to your womb. And if He doesn’t know we are continually praying for much joy in Him and for His peace to overwhelm you. Love to you!

  3. brittany green says:

    This is the very reason I watch my Tv series on netflix! I cant take the cliff hangers!!! :)

  4. Erin says:

    Hi Jackie, it’s exciting to hear about your journey. I pray for you lots! I understand the emotions and the painful butt shots!! I actually switched to crinone progesterone gel much more comfortable. I can’t wait to hear the good news!

    • jackielopina says:

      Once you’ve gotten intramuscular injections, you have no sympathy for people who are afraid of normal subcutaneous shots, am I right? :) (Gotta love infertility humor) Appreciate the prayers and encouragement!

      • Erin says:

        Oh yeah for sure! I couldn’t sleep for 2 weeks because of them. If you are preg. and have to continue them for 30 days, I can’t imagine doing that! You would be my hero. You are right Lupron and Bravelle (stim for fresh) are a piece of cake in comparison. The lupron did give me crazy hot flashes though. I felt like I was in menopause! :)

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