Embryo Transfer Day – 1/18

(Remember, I wrote this down as it was happening but posted it later! The date below is the date this actually happened on)

Wednesday, January 18th 2011

So as of this morning around 9:45, I am (technically) pregnant!!! This morning our beautiful embryos were transferred.

(In the infertility world they call this PUPOS- “Pregnant until proven otherwise” hehe)

My husband had to do my Progesterone shot before we left and I had to drink 48 ounces of water. (Not too hard… although I was nervous since I drink so much water regularly it wouldn’t fill my bladder like it’s supposed to!) We got to the office around 9:15. We prayed in the car and both of us were feeling a bit anxious.

One of the nurses, Flo brought us out into the hallway and into a room we’ve never been in before. She instructed us to change- a gown and cap for me.

And Bryan into scrubs, cap and a mask.

Here we are before!!

My wonderful, favorite nurse who has been there for us every step of the way- Patty- took us into the transfer room. Bryan said she seemed very excited:) She laid me down on the table and put a sheet and warm blanket over me. Bryan sat at my head on a stool and held my hand. Then Patty told us the steps of what was going to happen. Bryan asked if she knew how our embryos thawed and how they were doing. She said she hadn’t yet heard but then noticed a picture on the side of the incubator. “Oh look! There they are, it looks like they both survived the thaw!”

I sat up and looked at a picture of both of them across the room.

Yay!! Praise the Lord!! What a beautiful sight. Bryan later told me he was worried one or both of them wouldn’t survive and was very relieved and happy that both of them made it!

Patty then checked to make sure my bladder was full via ultrasound. It looked good, so she called my doctor, Dr. Abdallah. The embryologist Wendy & the lab director Dr. Warikoo came in. My doctor and a resident came to join the party as well. (Once you’ve been doing this for a while… 5 people in the room isn’t that big of a deal HA!)

Wendy double checked my name and date of birth to make sure we were getting the right embryos. Dr Abdallah brought out the picture of our babies and gave it to us!! What a beautiful sight!! He told us they both looked good!! What great news!! They rate their embryos 1(best),1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5 or 4. We had one 2 (on the right) and a 1.5 on the left that had begun hatching.

It was a little overwhelming seeing our embryos. We were looking at them as doctors and nurses were preparing things all around us. Bryan and I both teared up a bit as we realized this was really happening!! We’ve been waiting for this for a long time and it was pretty amazing to get to experience this early moment in their little lives. My nurse looked over and asked if I was okay.

“Yes.” I answered. “Good tears.”

She gave me a tissue to wipe my tears with anyways:)

My doctor reminded me of the possibility of twins or even higher order with transferring more than one and making sure that was okay and I (of course!) said yes. They moved me down on the table, placing my knees over stirrups and dropped the bottom of table so I was just barely on. I asked Patty if I would tip over and she said she’d make sure that wouldn’t happen:)

Then… the procedure started. Dr Abdallah began entering the speculum and catheter and Patty had the ultrasound on my belly. After 48 ounces of water I was DEFINITELY feeling some pressure (eek!!) There was some pain but my doctor is great and he was able to make it better so I could quit squirming so much and relax!

Bryan squeezed my hand and encouraged me. He gave me our babies’ picture to look at and hold. Dr. Abdallah told me to think of our cruise and Mexico and go to a happy place:) With these and a few deep breaths I was able to chill and stay still. The first catheter is basically a “practice” run to make sure they can easily get to the uterus. Check. After this, Dr. Warikoo went to load our embryos in the catheter. Bryan said he basically ran into the lab in the adjoining room and was back 15-30 seconds later.

“Are they coming?” I asked and my doctor assured me they were. Bryan and I smiled at each other and I looked back up at the ceiling to keep deep breathing as they loaded the catheter. We could see my uterus on the ultrasound screen and Bryan exclaimed “You can see them!” “Where?” I excitedly asked, not wanting to miss it. Dr. Warikoo quickly pointed to the screen and I was able to see them place our babies in my uterus!! It was utterly amazing.

20120317-203417.jpg(In case you were wondering, the small sideways u shape to the right is my uterus and the fuzzy white dots in the middle are our embryos nestling in)

They removed the catheter and the embryologists double checked to make sure both the embryos were out of there (and in me!!) Dr. Abdallah said “We have to check because the embryos are sticky.” Patty said “Let’s just hope they stick for you!” I heard the embryologist say “Clear” and Dr. Abdallah removed the speculum. Ahhh, I was able to move up on the table and lay comfortably on my back.

“We did it!”

My doctor and nurse told me I did a good job, which is always nice to hear:) Patty told us it was a great transfer and that’s so important. As they were cleaning up, Bryan and I held hands and he prayed for our little embryos. The ultrasound picture was still up on the screen and we could see these beautiful bright white dots shining inside my womb. It was such a precious, intimate moment in time… The world was spinning all around us, but we were in slow motion, gently taking it all in as we praised God for these little lives He had given us.

We thanked the doctors and they wished us good luck:) Patty encouraged me to lay for a few minutes for my uterus to settle… But I began asking her 1,000 questions and ended up laying there a longer time:) Bryan said Patty told me to take it easy “like a hundred times.” She’s so great:)

We got up and were SO excited!!

So many answered prayers in BOTH embryos surviving the thaw, a SMOOTH and SUCCESSFUL transfer and not even much pain afterwards! Praise the Lord who gives us grace upon grace upon grace. He is so good to us and has revealed so much of his goodness and mercy in this cycle and especially during the transfer. Tears fill my eyes whenever I think about it.

Now it’s all up to the Sovereign hand of our good and loving Father. Grow babies, grow!!!


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7 Responses to Embryo Transfer Day – 1/18

  1. Thanks for sharing this story.

  2. Layci says:

    Beautiful! This brought tears to my eyes because I know personally what infertility can do to a person and to know that God has a plan that is bigger and better is mind boggling. I am so happy for you and can’t wait to read more about this amazing experience.

    • jackielopina says:

      Layci thanks so much for sharing and for your kind and encouraging words! Infertility is such a hard battle and I hope you’ve been able to see some of the sweetness of Jesus through the bitter of your circumstances.

  3. Lauren says:

    Jackie! I echo you in saying PRAISE the Lord for giving us GRACE upon GRACE. Our Lord is so good and loving. Praise Him for His sovereignty, whatever that may look like in our lives during different seasons… the promise that He IS sovereign and is our Father who loves us beyond anything we know is so, so beautiful. Continuing to pray for you and Byran, friend!

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