The Day After – 1/19

(Remember, I wrote this down as it was happening, but posted it later! The actual date is underneath. Also, don’t forget – by this day we had the embryo transfer, but now we have to wait…. to see if these babies stick and we become pregnant. Our doctor gave us about 50% odds at pregnancy.)

Thursday, January 19th 2012

I’m still in disbelief that RIGHT NOW… our two babies are in my womb. My husband and I have laid hands on them multiple times and are praying hard for their dear lives. Praying that God’s gentle and loving hand would lead them towards implantation, that He would bless us with pregnancy, and we’d get to bring our children home to raise them and glorify Him.

When we left the transfer, my husband was very excited to put the pictures on our fridge. I am so utterly thankful for those two pictures. I keep looking at them in disbelief that we get to see our babies this young… praying that these are the first of many pictures.

Today is my 2nd day resting up. My husband was home writing his sermon upstairs yesterday, but today I’m on my own. I’m able to move about, but I just feel a little better staying put. I’ve been watching (an insane) amount of James Bond movies, napping and drinking hot chocolate.

My sweet friend Curry and little John came over yesterday afternoon to see the pictures of our babies and bring us a few groceries:) I am so thankful for good friends who care so well for us!

The past day and a half have been very relaxing. I’ve basically laid on my couch all day, read, ate a bit and watched (seriously) about 5 James Bond movies. But this evening… it’s getting a little boring:) Isn’t it funny how that happens? You can’t wait for some time to relax then when you’re supposed to relax for a while it gets dull and you can’t wait to get up and start moving again.

Oh well… staying in pajamas has been GREAT. I’ve been able to keep constant heating pads on my hips which has severely decreased the soreness from my Progesterone shots. I’ve been able to look at our babies’ pictures as often as I want and have been taken care of by my wonderful, supporting, loving husband

Tomorrow, it’s back to work!


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