THE Shot – 1/22

(Remember, I wrote this down as it was happening, but am posting it later. The actual date is below.)

Sunday, January 22nd 2012

Have I talked about my Progesterone shots yet?!?

These are the shots that I’ve FEARED my whole cycle. I’ve given myself subcutaneous shots in my stomach before but these babies are a whole new monster.


1 1/2 inch needle.


Bryan didn’t really want to do it so I was preparing to do it for a while. I was a little nervous about the shot itself, but more about the placement. It goes in the backside of my hips on both sides so it’s a pretty AWKWARD angle. (My nurse Patty literally drew targets on me with permanent marker.)

My nurse did my first shot after my ultrasound and showed us the steps. Bryan had told me that if I really, really wanted him to do it he could. Well… Patty didn’t necessarily give him a choice and brought him along for the ride! Bryan felt a bit more confident after seeing her do the first one and said he was up for the challenge!! He did the first few and was a CHAMPION!

Curry did one too!! My injection team should get a medal:)

My entire hips were sore as all get out, but he did an awesome job. Only one day it hurt so bad that I dropped to the floor weeping after it. (What happened there?!? No clue)

The first handful of shots were a little painful during and INTENSELY painful afterward. I had to keep heating pads on my hips almost all day because they were so sore and felt like there were 1,000 needles going through. Ouch.

But thankfully, they started getting significantly better the day of the transfer!! They were less and less painful and by Saturday I barely was using the heating pad! I am so, SO glad I didn’t have to do these myself. My husband is SUCH a blessing… and who knew he’d be so great at giving intramuscular injections?

Another winning quality of The Bryan Lopina. :)


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One Response to THE Shot – 1/22

  1. Kate Titus says:

    Lost half our laptop charger during the move and just now read all these posts. You’re good with the suspense, girl!

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