So close but yet so far – 1/24

(Remember, I wrote this down as it was happening, but am posting it later. The actual date is below.)

Tuesday, January 24th 2012

Today I woke up, praising God for who He is and that He is sovereign and good. By his grace alone and the power of the Holy Spirit, today I am able to confidently stand on the Solid Rock. I am acutely aware than in just a few days we could find out we’re not pregnant, but more aware of the truth of the gospel and how that overpowers circumstances any day.

I started cramping last night… Which is actually an exciting sign for me!!! It could be nothing, as cramping is common in the wait between embryo transfer and test. BUT… I had felt nothing yet and it was a little exciting and affirming. It made me excited and very hopeful my babies had implanted and are growing, growing, growing!!

Today I continued with mild cramping, which I still took as a good sign. In the afternoon I had a bit of mini spotting which lead to a momentary freak out! But after doing a little online research and talking with my hubby, I felt calm and reassured. Thankfully it was only that bit so I didn’t need to call my dr or anything.

Also I’ve had an increased sense of smell. I try not to put much stock in “pregnancy symptoms.” Throughout the gamut of infertility treatment I’ve had the typical early pregnancy symptoms before… and not only that, but progesterone side effects are similar to them as well. So I notice them, but work really hard not to pay too much attention.

After embryo transfers or fertility treatments, a lot of women test at home. I’ve seen WAY too many negative tests in my day that the only way I’ll ever test again is AFTER I get positive blood tests… haha just so I could see what a positive at home test looks like:) The impatience in me sometimes makes me want to, but the smarter, logical part makes me think otherwise. And really… we don’t even have to wait that much longer!



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