Good Friday.

Today is the day we as Christians remember that Jesus was tortured and died on the cross, paying the penalty for our sin, taking the wrath of God on Himself and washing us white. Mike Cosper, Sojourn’s Worship & Arts Pastor, wrote a reflection on Good Friday. The post was so good for my heart and I encourage you to read it today. Here is a snippet:

“Good Friday can be good while nonetheless being a day of grief. No matter how we spin the story of the cross, it’s a tragedy. The world wasn’t meant for tragedy and death. When sin entered the world, it began to spin out of control, bringing disease, decay, and suffering to all of us.

It’s tempting to try to avoid that pain, to drown it out with entertainment, gluttony, sex, drugs, and ordinary distractions like busyness with work, and family. Good Friday is a good day because it moves us from denial to acceptance. It asks us to pause and stare at the tragedy of death, seeing the painful impact of sin as the one pure, perfect thing in the universe takes its brunt upon himself. We need to learn to grieve at the cross because it helps us grieve all the pain and sorrow around us. We never suffer alone. We suffer and grieve in the presence and in solidarity with our God, who has endured it all with us…..

We celebrate this Friday because wrath and mercy coalesced at the cross. The tragedy of Christ’s death is a victory, the ultimate victory of good over evil, light over darkness, and hope against hopelessness. We celebrate because apart from the cross, there would be no reason to celebrate anything at all.”

If you are in the nearby Cincinnati-Dayton area, I invite you to take part in grieving the tragedy of Christ’s death and preparing your heart for His great victory over death at The Oaks Community Church Good Friday Service tonight, April 6th at 7pm.


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