Thursday Things

Chick Fil A’s Banana Pudding milkshakes are NOW OUT. I actually put it in my calendar so I would remember. And the beautiful part was, I didn’t have to remember because my husband was heading there and I had a visit cancel and was able to take a late lunch break and join him for a milkshake. Done and done:)

Also this weekend I had my first (!!!!) trip to Whole Foods! I got flowers for my Easter table and some fresh produce there. It was so fun to wander around and I kind of loved it. Also everyone there is a foodie. I love foodies. I wish it was closer than 40 minutes away and I would go there a lot more often:)

I’m trying this thing called “cleaning my bathroom every week.” I have currently cleaned it 3 times in the past 3 weeks. If this doesn’t sound like a feat, you should know when I mentioned it to my triad, Curry stood up on her chair and clapped. It was an extra standing ovation. Hilarious.

(no picture)

A convicting, sobering quote from Paul Tripp’s A Shelter in the Time of Storm

All of a sudden I realized I hadn’t eaten many vegetables for days. YIKES. The past week or so I’ve been very intentional about trying to pound some greens (spinach/ kale) and other fruits and veggies. One of the easiest ways for me is to drink a Green Smoothie in the morning. A recent favorite is Spinach, Banana, Mango and Pear. Yum!

Even though I’ve had the honor of wearing this rock for the past 6 years it still makes me smile when the sunshine causes mini prisms everywhere

Happy Thursday party people.


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2 Responses to Thursday Things

  1. Lauren Dankhoff says:

    I LOVE whole foods!! It’s actually good that it’s not closer because I would spend way too much money there!!! ;)

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