Don’t Ignore That I’m More Than My Infertility

(This week is National Infertility Awareness Week. The theme this year is “Don’t Ignore Infertility” and this is my 5th post this week discussing a topic a day about this theme. I encourage you to go back and read the previous ones if you’d like.)

Infertility is a part of my life. In fact – it’s a huge, sometimes all encompassing part of my life. But it is not MY LIFE. Sometimes it feels like the majority of my spiritual, emotional, and relational time and energy is going there and that may be true. When you have children, they obviously fill up a large portion of your time, energy, home and heart. So it makes sense that the desire, but lack of children can do the same.

But I am more than just an infertile.

To be honest, this is something that people who suffer with infertility can forget too. Can you remind us?

Remind us that we’re a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a church member, or a hard worker. Remind us that we’re a baker, a crafter, an organizer, a runner, a decorator, a gardener, a volunteer. Remind us that we love silly TV shows or lattes or we brighten up the office. Remind us we’re more than just a sad woman going through infertility… because that’s what it can feel like sometimes.

Remind us that we can still be nurturers or encouragers or life givers. Even if our body is unwilling to cooperate. Remind us that our God given skills and talents aren’t for naught. Remind us that children aren’t all fulfilling and even if we get them someday – they won’t fill that hole, there will be days of frustration and stinky diapers and unhappiness.

Remind us that we are still women. Remind us that infertility can’t steal our femininity. Remind us we still have worth. Remind us that one day we may not feel this overbearing load of suffering. Remind us that God is good, even when it feels the opposite. Remind us that one day every tear will be wiped away, every suffering erased. Remind us that Jesus took on our sufferings as well and that He is walking with us, weeping with us.

Remind us…. it’s so easy to forget.

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