10 Normal Habits of a Home Visitor

As many of you may know, my day job is as a home visitor for Help Me Grow working with 1st time moms and babies prenatally until the child is 3. Many of these families are low income or teen mothers. I LOVE my families and they are so great to work with.

Recently I was sitting in my car near an abandoned building planning how much time I would need to run into McDonald’s to go to the bathroom and make it to my visit on time. I chuckled to myself thinking of how strange some of my normal home visiting habits are and thought it would be fun to make a list:)

10 Normal Home Visiting Habits:

  1. You spend most of your day sitting Indian style criss-cross applesauce (I think that’s what you have to call it now) even though every consecutive visit gets harder to get up afterwards
  2. You know where the clean restrooms are to frequent when you’re driving around town for the day.
  3. Your rule of thumb- if you sit in something, feel free to scoot but don’t make any sudden freak out movements. Once you get outside and in your car you can assess the situation and respond appropriately.
  4. Hand sanitizer is your friend. You know it kills off good germs but it’s really hard to get out of the habit and slathering it after every time spent with snotty kids (and moms!)
  5. You’re always prepared- you may think this is just having a junked up car filled with toys, PIPE and PAT boxes, an NCAST bag, a baby scale, PA bags and files… and well, you may be right
  6. You’re very comfortable in finding non-awkward places you can park and do paperwork for non disclosed amounts of time (for when there’s not enough time to go back to the office but too much to go straight to your next visit.)
  7. You know down to the minute the exact amount of time it takes to walk from your desk to the bathroom to your car and drive to each visit… making it in barely enough time not to be late each time:)
  8. You make to-do lists about your to-do lists about your to-do lists
  9. You bring a full day’s worth of meals and snacks to eat in your car. You’ve probably eaten something ridiculous like sushi or soup while driving. (Ps – not safe or smart…)
  10. You have a gift card for your favorite lunch or coffee place in the front seat just in case you drive by.

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2 Responses to 10 Normal Habits of a Home Visitor

  1. Lauren Dankhoff says:

    Yes!! NOW I can say I understand this!!! :) Except, definitely not to the full extent that you do quite yet ;) Love this list though! Thanks for being my go-to 5 year veteran!

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