If You Know Us, This May Be a Shock…

Bryan and I are thinking about getting a dog!

I can’t exactly explain what changed.

Recently, we spent some time at a friend’s house and spent some time with their sweet little dog! He was hilarious and cuddly and a good companion. And we just kind of thought “Having a dog might be fun!”

We decided on a Shih Tzu and have been looking at petfinder for shelters in the area and breeders. Puppies are obviously adorable, but we might look into an adult dog who is already house trained… that might be helpful with both of us working full-time:)

Anyways… for all of those who have dogs – help a sister out!

What’s your favorite thing about having a dog? Where did you get your dog? Is it better to get a puppy or an adult dog? What are your best dog training tips? What are the things we must know?!?


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5 Responses to If You Know Us, This May Be a Shock…

  1. Brittany green says:

    I have a shih tzu/mini poodle mix. I got her as a puppy and the puppy stage was hard because she was very needy. But I also think that was important in developing our bond because she learned to trust me (when adam and I got together she liked him but remains very loyal to me). I got her from the flea market although now I feel pretty strongly about adopting from shelters since they are so over crowded. Hope that helps a little :)

  2. brittany says:

    This IS shocking, but so fun!! Favorite thing about having a dog… Charlie can pretty much always put a smile on our faces, have you seen that dog? He is so stinkin cute. We also appreciate the routine he keeps us on, walks before/after work, being home to feed him etc. Dan got him from a breeder in the middle of no where when he was a puppy, and really, Dan did all the work of training him (following the principles of the dog whisperer). Important thing to know- it’s fine to keep your pup in a cage, especially during the day when they are a puppy. Charlie loves his cage (or “home” as we call it) and, even though we leave the door open now, I’m pretty sure he sleeps in there most of the day anyways. I’m so excited for this!!

  3. Linda Vincent says:

    Yes indeed I am shocked. Sorry, I really can’t help because I have no dog. You know I will support any decision you make but ….. Just kidding enjoy your search.

  4. Kristin Lewis says:

    JACKIE! I am pumped you guys want a dog! : ) Dogs are so much fun and are always SO excited to see you. We got Kingston from a breeder and Montego off of petfinder/ from a foster family. I think rescuing a dog is the way to go. Kingston was a puppy when we got him (9 weeks) and it was a lot of work, but he was so stinking adorable. The vet thought Montego was just under a year which was much easier, but we were still able to bond with him early on. Montego was house broken and to this day has never peed or pooped in the house. (Kingston hasn’t since he was tiny either.) It is really nice having a pup to come home to…you will love it! Have fun searching!

  5. Erin says:

    YAY! I love dogs. They are so great! I think a shih tzu or shih tzu mix is an excellent choice. I have one and then 2 maltese. The maltese is great too but a little more needy to your attention/cuddly than the shih tzu. The shih tzu we have likes to play fetch and go for walks. The other 2 like walks, but are more sit in your lap kinda dogs. The shih tzu mix is too, just not as often. It could be their personalities. I got the 2 maltese as puppies, fully house trained by 6 months using a crate (I call it their bed). They don’t have a crate anymore, but a octogan soft sided playpen that fits them all and is open at the top. They mostly sleep in bed with me. We got the Shih tzu at 8 months and he had 2 accidents and then fully house trained. we have a dog door that they always use to go outside. It is great for when I am gone during the day. I think a 6 month to a year old rescue would be perfect. Less time to train but still at a moldable/trainable stage. Plus you get to rescue a dog in need! I can’t wait to see pictures!

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