Les Mis Recap!

In case you were wondering, Les Miserables was absolutely, breath takingly wonderful!!

Seriously. I was unaware I would cry much of the way through it. It was just so good, it touched my soul in a deep way.

Amazing music.

Insane talent.

A story of grace and redemption.

If you only see one musical in your entire lifetime, I can’t recommend Les Mis enough!

(AND I happened to have a fabulous date to enjoy it with!)

At dinner

Our dessert

“The Chocolate Lady’s” table that we always go to at the Aronoff (the lady isn’t the chocolate lady in case you were wondering… the guy in the suit is blocking her)

My truffle (2nd dessert)

Such a fun date night and the BEST way to wrap up our Broadway Series! Yay!


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One Response to Les Mis Recap!

  1. Kate Titus says:

    I have a lot of the music from that memorized but have never seen the show. I just know it from the (10th?) anniversary concert version, which was amazing. :) Glad you got to go.

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