Thursday Things

Thanks to tips from @mdavidbrown I have been an ironing fool!! I have a love/ hate relationship with it. Because I’m still new it takes me FOREVER and adds an extra step to doing laundry. However it’s like painting a room- – you see immediate results and it’s so satisfying!! I hate wrinkles now. I literally washed my shower curtain and after hanging it up thought to myself “hm, I should have ironed that.” (WHAT?!?)

We had a bunch of work trainings recently (kind of our MO) and so you know what that means!

Well… at least for some of us:)

Peanut butter blondies with chocolate frosting will always have my heart

But an iced latte and a cake pop from Starbucks just hits the SPOT sometimes! (Also my friend at work just told me they now have decaf iced coffee – – score!!)

Mailing out Mother’s Day cards to the grandmas. Hallmark has some cards with pre paid postage! How great is that?

Guys I am SO excited to be throwing my parents a joint 60th Birthday party! We are doing a classy Hawaiian theme and my brain has been marinating in party planning thoughts for weeks now:) Fun! I’m excited to share with you more details in a few weeks, but here is a glimpse! It’s the invitation… with the details blurred out so as to not be sharing personal information with creepsters… awkward.

We had our free medical clinic at The Oaks which was AMAZING! We had 150 people come through the doors and had doctors and nurses and so many volunteers. It was incredible to see people step up to serve in many ways. We had a BCESC Early Childhood booth too!

After reminded of my intense love for Les Mis, I decided I should read the book! I’m only about 10% through… which is about 120 pages. (#YikesUnabridged)

Brilliant idea seen in a coffee shop. Make large cookies to exactly fit the size of cute jars. #StealThis


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2 Responses to Thursday Things

  1. Emily Weller says:

    i find it hilarious that you are now ironing — given that i think i’ve used your iron more than you up until now! :)

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