Turning 60- Hawaiian Style

I age well don’t I? Jk. Please don’t tell me I look 60. (Also my mom was blinking… she would be mad at me for posting this picture but unfortunately we only got one shot of the 3 of us! Blast!!)

On Sunday we threw my parents a joint 60th birthday party!!

My dad turned 60 May 18th and my mom is still clinging to her 50s with her big day June 30th.

I put in a lot of work and was absolute THRILLED how it ended up.

The food and decorations were great which was too fun.

And there were a TON of folks that showed up to celebrate my parents.

There were friends from college, from work, from church, family, & family friends. It was  great mix of easygoing friendly people and there was a large portion of folks who had “known each other and hadn’t seen one another in 15 years!” (Those crazy P&Gers)

I didn’t get to take pictures of people downstairs which is where most of action was but you can get the hint:)

The party was a blast and my parents had so much fun, which was the most important!!

We had drinks downstairs and did a signature drink for both of them.

My dad’s was a Gin and Tonic and my mom’s was Rum Punch.

And I thought since they had signature drinks… I would do signature drink cupcakes!!!

Gin and tonic cupcakes and Rum Punch cupcakes!! So cute, right?

Since it was Hawaiian there were leis of course, flowers and a lot of folks came dressed in their most tropical attire!

My mom and a sweet family friend, Sue

Me and my sister in law

My brother and Jovie, their youngest

Bryan and I in our tropical gear.

My dad even got my mom, me and my sister in law FRESH leis… mailed from Hawaii!! So cool!

My dad’s friend brought him fireworks. No comment. :)

My parents and their (tired) sweet granddaughter Sophia

I’ll share my menu and some of the other party details soon!


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5 Responses to Turning 60- Hawaiian Style

  1. Kate Titus says:

    So sweet that you put in all that effort to care for your parents. Looked great!

  2. Kate Titus says:

    p.s. the gorgeous wall colors in the top picture totally match the tablecloth colors in your header picture. Very festive blog today. ;)

  3. Amy Douglas says:

    It all turned out SO good Jackie! You did a great job! That picture of Rob and Jovie is adorable btw!

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