Anniversary Fun

To celebrate our anniversary weekend, we thought it would be fun to visit some places that have been special in our relationship!


So on Saturday, we decided to go up to our old alma mater, Miami University and spend the afternoon walking around and reminiscing. Even though it’s changed a lot, it was so fun to walk down the slant walk, go see Tappan Hall and eat lunch at Kona. A lot has changed since we spent 4 years there (Well Bryan only spend 3 1/2… he’s kind of an over achiever.)


We got married in Kumler Chapel and were so excited we got there between weddings and were able to go inside for a bit:)


At the spot where we said I do!




On Sunday we drove out to Indian Hill where we made our first home:)

Driving around this part of town is beautiful

We drive by our first home – a carriage house- went to a park, had a meal and then went to Melting Pot for dessert



A fun 5th anniversary!



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2 Responses to Anniversary Fun

  1. Christie Scholl says:

    I cleaned out my car over the weekend and found your wedding CD!! I totally listened to it on the drive to and from work Monday. How funny to just be reading this post now. :)

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