Shared Cubicle No More

This week is the beginning of my 2nd work week without one of my favorite people. My co-worker Chris recently left to a new and fabulous opportunity! I am SO crazy excited for her. She is amazing and so deserves something fresh and new (and did I mention she will be GREAT at it?)


We had desks in this.close proximity for the past 5 years.

And I am missing her:(

I actually used to be this.close to BOTH of these fabulous gals.. neither which share a cubicle with me anymore. (Although Laura still works at HMG so I see her a lot still!!)

These women are great.

THANKFULLY Chris and I are trying to be super dedicated about still planning lunches and time to spend together.

But she was such a ray of sunshine in my work day.

And it’s an adjustment to see this empty desk without her coming back to it.

Christine, I love you! I am SO thankful to work with you for so many years. So many Starbucks trips, TV recaps lunch dates and oh-my-gosh-I-need-to-vent-right-quick-or-I’m-going-to-freak-out sessions. So thankful for our friendship and the life we’ve shared over the past years. AND so thankful that it will continue!

Miss you friend!!


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