Thursday Things

Have I talked enough about these s’mores cupcakes yet? SO good. I might make them again with Reese’s cups in the center. #BOOM

#ILoveColor. And I realized doing my nails more could be a fun way to live colors up.

After a rehearsal dinner, on our way to a reception. #DoubleWeddingWeekend

Paul Trip on waiting. #SoGood

A glee-filled package from Bake it Pretty. Sucked it up and FINALLY got some big tips that I’m hoping will be perfect for my cupcake decorating. And also patriotic cupcake liners for memorial day. #Amurica.

Confession. I bought these sunglasses mostly because the gold frames reminded me of Michael Westen.  #BurnNotice

Just pretend like it’s close.

In other news, I am trying oh so hard to get on the bandwagon for the next month and a half and eat healthy! Trying to increase my fruits and veggies intake and try new ones. LIKE Brussels Sprouts. Last night was the first time I ever made them and possibly ever tried them. #BrownedButterMakesEverythingBetter

And since it’s not 700 degrees outside anymore I think I found a new summer uniform. It feels like pajamas and it’s the only skirt I can actually wear while I sit cross legged on the floor in homes for work!


(Does anyone else think it’s creepy to see 2 pictures of me side by side in the same place? I thought it would be kind of cool, but it’s kind of weirding me out. #I’mNotATwin)


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