Thursday Things Interruption

We interrupt this cupcake week for a Thursday things… just because I can’t stop taking pictures with my iPhone:)

We had our neighbors over for brunch on Saturday and it was SO fun! (Grace and Bryan not pictured)

The food

An easy spinach and bacon frittata with red and yellow peppers

And scones!!

Bryan mentioned he really likes blueberry scones so I went to Annie’s Eats and found a DELICIOUS recipe right away.

The scone recipe had a few extra steps but it totally paid off. However I always forget to wear an apron when I work with dough…

and it did a number on my kitchen too.

The final project produced a delicious, flaky blueberry packed scone!

Green smoothies. My recent breakfast of choice (really of need, let’s be honest.)

My husband and I went to a new frozen yogurt shop… I got peanut butter/ chocolate peppermint swirl (which sounds weird but was yummy!) and my husband got passion fruit sorbet. And gummy bears:)

Also for some reason, I sing this song all the time. Fiddler in the Roof was one of the first musicals I was ever in (during middle school I think!) The other day I was listening to it on repeat and at the end “After 25 years, it’s nice to know” it’s so sweet it just brought tears to my eyes!


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