Olympic Fun

I LOVE the Olympics! I’ve been watching them all weekend – what about you? I’m a big fan of swimming, tennis, men’s and women’s gymnastics, sand volleyball, diving, track and field… most of the summer olympic sports are just amazing.

The Opening Ceremonies weren’t all that special, but I love the pagentry and the parade of nations is always awe-inspiring and humbling. AND… if you know me, you know I LOVED the James Bond cameo.

I’m planning on making Olympic themed cupcakes, but they keep getting postponed. However I LOVE all the crazy Olympic themed goodies and parties. I couldn’t help myself from sharing a few with you!

Olympics Party Theme

I LOVE this tablescape for an Olympic Party! Printable Party Kid from Bird’s Nest

Ring Cupcakes from A Small Snippet

AMAZING ring cupcakes (and other cute Olympic party details) from A Small Snippet

America Cake from Bloom

Cute Olympic Cookies from The Decorated Cookie

Love it!

I cannot wait to throw an awesome neighborhood Olympics one day… maybe 2020? Who’s with me?


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2 Responses to Olympic Fun

  1. Mustang.Koji says:

    While I am not a fan of the Olympics of today (too much drugs, profiteering and such…sorry but just my feeling), I did watch the “James Bond” opening. It was wonderfully done! And I will say, “Go USA!”

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