Tasty Tuesday – Some Old Favorites

Have you checked out the recipe tab recently? It’s getting a little ridiculous. Honestly, sometimes I forget about things I posted so I wanted to re-post some that have been lying low for months or years.. or some that can’t stay away for too long:)

Shredded beef sandwiches. When I watched my dear friend’s kids the other night, she fed me PW’s delicious sandwiches which reminded me how much I LOVE them. One of those recipes will be on my dinner menu this week:)

July is National Ice Cream Month! I’ve actually never made homemade ice cream but I recently remembered I made Mocha Hot Fudge a couple years ago to celebrate. I must re-vist that:)

Cheesy Creamy Baked Ziti with Chicken. The best of both worlds.

Yum homemade buttermilk pancakes. One of my go-to easy peasy dinners. Truth. (Grilled cheese sandwiches is another one. Am I the only one that could eat grilled cheese once a week and be happy as a clam?)

I’ve been making my favorite chocolate chip cookies nonstop recently. Unfortunately it’s not a cookie that can go from thought to table in an hour. Like I mentioned in the original post, they are the absolute best when the dough chills for 36-48 hours. Because of that though, I’ve been on a pretty good rotation… once cookies are finished, I go ahead and make more dough. Because we don’t want them today… but in 2 days? Who knows!

Herb Roasted Whole Chicken. I fully understand it’s been 100 degrees outside and it’s hard to want to heat up your oven for dinner. But please – write yourself a note to make this as soon as your kitchen is ready:)


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