Thursday Things!

Happy August!!!

My husband loves these oatmeal rainbow cookies.

And because of that, I have to literally hide candy when I buy it for baking.

Guess who finally learned to do a french braid!! HOLLA! Like literally learned how to do it 2 weeks ago. It’s PERFECT for exercising when a headband and ponytail gives me a headache.

I have a new favorite pizza crust that I’ll share soon. And I especially LOVE how homemade pizza crust seems fancy, but basically you just have to pour some stuff in, mix and wait for an hour and a half. So if you can stay at your home for a couple hours you can make pizza dough:)


Also I have been staying up so late to watch the Olympics. I literally haven’t gone to bed before midnight since last Thursday night (yawn!) But… USA! USA! USA!!


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6 Responses to Thursday Things!

  1. Kate Titus says:

    Think I need to try those cookies soon….your ingredient list says butter but the directions say shortening. Could you use either or should it be butter?

    • jackielopina says:

      Oh good call! Thanks for the heads up. I just switched them so both say butter. I personally prefer butter, but you could totally use either! Good luck! Hope you like them:)

      • Kate Titus says:


      • Kate Titus says:

        Trying it tonight – mine are not turning out as pretty as yours (flatter/browner), but they taste good. I think I like the dough even better. :) I’m not sure what I do wrong with cookies sometimes. Two theories: (1) I’m never sure how much to soften the butter, if at all, and I’m afraid I soften it too much (but how would you beat it until fluffy if it’s not soft?). (2) I never learned how to sift flour. I learned from my mom, who just used a spoon/cup to dump some into the measuring cup. I don’t know if that’s even remotely close to how it’s supposed to be done. True story.

        • jackielopina says:

          Couple things that may help. 1 – It is EASIER to get cookies fluffy and soft with butter-flavored shortening. I like the taste of butter much better, but only switched over in the past couple years. The way I soften butter though is to put it in the microwave (with the wrapper on) for 7 seconds. I turn it on it’s side and do it another 7 seconds. I will check it and do another turn or two. Basically you want it soft enough you can put a thumb in it and leave a dent, but not so much it’s mushy or melty. (If you want, just leave out a stick of butter on the counter for a couple hours in the AC and you can see how soft it should be.) 2 – Thats a good way to get it int he measuring cup! I use my metal strainer to sift. So I put that in a large bowl, then add in the measured flour, baking soda and whatever else is supposed to be sifted together. I then bring the strainer out a few inches and shake to get the flour through. It will aerate it and make it fluffier. (Here’s the type of strainer I use in case you can’t picture it – ) 3 – Sometimes cookies aren’t very fluffy because your baking soda is old. 4 – I find my cookie scoop helps make cookies thicker. 5 – Silpat mats make cookies cook AMAZINGLY! Also when you slightly underbake, it will help that beautiful color.


        • jackielopina says:

          Good luck! Keep baking. Practice makes perfect:)


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