My Favorite Olympic Moments

Well yesterday was the last day of the 2012 Olympics. We love the Summer Olympics and I’m sad they’re over! Even though there were spoilers everywhere, I tried really hard to block my vision and find out the results as I’m watching – – it’s so much better that way!!

As I get older, I appreciate the Olympics more. The dedication it takes to get there, the crazy way our Creator made our bodies that we’re able to do athletic feats and how it reminds me that as great as Olympic glory is, even it fades – but for Christians we have a glory that remains forever. I read a great blog post that talked about how to watch the olympics that was a poignant reminder for me.

And I absolutely LOVED checking the medal count every night. USA! USA! 

In closing – here are my favorite Olympic moments!

My Top 10 Olympic Moments:

10. James Bond in the Opening Ceremonies. I love him.

9. Hometown pride – the women’s Judo gold medal holder is from our town!

8. The all American women’s beach volleyball gold medal match. And seeing Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings win their emotional third gold medal.

7. Jamaica and US Men’s 4 x 100 meter track relay… seriously?!?

6. Watching the women’s 4 x 400 relay where they received the world record… the anchor leg was freaking out and pointing at the time when she crossed the finish line! I always get crazy anxious during the relays that someone is going to drop the baton… but their finish was awesome.

5. Missy Franklin. 17 years old, adorable and inspiring.

4. Watching Oscar Pistorius run on his blades. I totally teared up. No disability could hold him down.

3. Watching the girls gymnastics team win gold and reminiscing of the 1996 team… which I remember vividly! (Even though I was 11!)

2. Usain Bolt. Seriously – how is someone that fast? And he confuses me. When he’s interviewed he says “I came here to be the best and I am. I’m a legend. I’ll always be the best.” His words seem like I should think he’s a jerk, but I like him! He’s a goofball and has fun and he may not be modest… but he has good reason.

1. Phelps’ final gold medal before retirement. It’s amazing that the best Olympian of all time happened in our generation and I will definitely remember some of those epic swims.

What were your favorite Olympic moments? Please share!


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One Response to My Favorite Olympic Moments

  1. Jeff says:

    Funny.. I said the same thing this year.. how I enjoy the Olympics much more, the older I get. I guess we develop a greater appreciation for great things. When I was young, I didn’t even watch them. This year, I looked forward to them every night… and like you, I will miss them!

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