The Rating of My FAVORITE Chocolate Chip Cookies

Okay I’ve realized I have a problem. I continually make chocolate chip cookies and blog them. While it may not sound like that big of a problem (expect to my waistline obviously) a normal every day reader may come on and see 100 chocolate chip cookie recipes and not know which is best. I’ve gone on baking blogs before and been frustrated by that exact thing so I apologize for my hypocrisy.

Obviously preferences can differ, so if you’ve been making my personal least favorite and you like it and people rave – keep making it! I’m not trying to tell you how to live your life.

My Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies:

  1. My Absolute Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies 
  2. Chewy Molasses Chocolate Chip Cookies
  3. Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies
  4. Big Chocolate Chip Cookies
  5. Basic Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookies

Special category:

My Favorite Oatmeal (+ Other Mix-ins) Chocolate Chip Cookies

Bars that Can’t Be Forgotten:


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3 Responses to The Rating of My FAVORITE Chocolate Chip Cookies

  1. mydearbakes says:

    Awww, the pictures here are making me hungry! lol

  2. Cait Botschner says:

    Love this! I have made your absolute favorite chocolate chip cookies three times this summer, and can’t get over how good they are (I even had to substitute mashed banana for the egg yolk once due to an egg shortage at our house, still delicious!). Now… How would you rank your cupcake recipes??

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