Thursday Things

Red’s Game for Kim’s birthday with my hubby’s familyWent out with some co-workers after a crazy week

Seriously – what a blast!

I don’t know if a flip switched after running our 5k or if it was just that we’d been doing it for a few months but I now actually *like* running! I’ve had a couple runs where I’ve felt amazing and like I could go on forever. Honestly, until the past 2 weeks every single run I ever went on was hard and exhausting the whole time. It’s been so fun to like it and I hope it will continue!

I am SWOONING over these amazing fall colored pashmina’s at Kohl’s. Seriously. I’m trying to make my budget happy, so am thinking long and hard which ONE I should purchase. (Or maybe 2… with my next coupon!)

My hubby driving to his 10 YEAR HIGH SCHOOL REUNION! I’m sorry… when did we get that old?

My favorite little man.

His momma and I have made a fun little tradition out of walking to the park the past few Saturdays. So great.

He is just a BLAST to hang out with! (And Curry too of course!!)

Repetition is key. Reading Psalm 136  – His steadfast love endures forever.


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