Happy Birthday Curry!

Oh my! One of my favorite people in the whole entire world TURNS 30 TODAY!!! I wish I could do a million things to celebrate her. She is just the absolute best.

But since a million seems crazy, I figured 30 would have to do:)

30 Things I Love About Curry Winters:

  1. She’s outgoing and boisterous like me. When she first moved here, her husband didn’t want us to meet because “it would be way too loud.” So thankful we circumvented this one:)
  2. This woman is a machine. She can clean her floors, meet with a college student, make twice baked potatoes, read her bible and nurse her baby all at the same time. Okay not quite… but she is the master multi – tasker.
  3. Her name used to be Phyllis.
  4. Every single time she tries one of my baked goods she always exclaims “THIS IS THE BEST THING I’VE EVER HAD!!!”
  5. She’s the perfect Costco shopping partner.
  6. She lets her 2 year old boy… be a 2 year old boy. She’s playful and encourages his adventurous and spunky spirit. I love playing with this little man!
  7. She loves her parents and sister so well.
  8. She and I can be absolutely ridiculous. We have so much fun together!
  9. She is wise with her words and knows their power. She seeks to encourage often and will repent quickly.
  10. We can do everything or nothing.
  11. As we’ve struggled with infertility, she always works extra hard to be sensitive to me. Like she said in her blog post “Jackie is the only person I ever ask if it’s okay for me to talk about my kids right now.” Thank you for your selflessness.
  12. She’s an amazing cheerleader. When I have something big and exciting (or not so big and still exciting) she’s there with a cheer and a fist pump or a big hug. From sharing a new job to going to a spinning class, she’s a huge encourager.
  13. She is kind and full of grace. Curry you are too good to me.
  14. She helps set up realistic expectations – for herself and others. She reminds others that dates can end in fights, marriage is hard and having babies is full of sleepless nights and poopy diapers. Life can be hard, but she reminds us through the difficulty, it can be so rewarding.
  15. She knows me so well…sometimes better than I know myself.
  16. She is so gifted at hospitality and practices it often. She will sacrifice her own meals to serve lunch for community group.
  17. She rises early. She wakes up before her children to read her bible, prepare her husband’s breakfast and get herself ready to tackle the day.
  18. She is hilarious.
  19. She is a master of her schedule. The way she spends her time inspires me to use my time to glorify God the most.
  20. She’s quick to repent and ask forgiveness. I love how much of our friendship is marked by repentance and grace.
  21. She’s a go-getter. She sees a need and makes things happen.
  22. Her laughter and enthusiasm are contagious.
  23. She never puts up a facade that everything’s perfect. She’s honest about motherhood and marriage and life. It’s a breath of fresh air.
  24. She’s a great question asker. She creatively asks questions that get to the heart.
  25. Her submissive spirit. Curry is a woman who joyfully submits under her husband’s leadership. She humbly submits to church authority and is very respectful. Her submission is beautiful and makes you see how deeply she loves her husband, her church and her God.
  26. She is the most intentional person you will ever meet. She thinks through everything  and constantly re-evaluates the way she lives her life – both with large things like parenting and small things like the best way to fold the laundry.
  27. She loves people so well. She is a good friend to many. There are so many college students, young wives and new mothers that she’s spent time with. She doesn’t make it a structured “discipleship” but she just openly shares her life with others.
  28. She’s transparent. She is honest with her struggles.
  29. She loves her children deeply and fully. This woman is a mama and one of the best I’ve ever seen at that. I’ve learned so much from her and am so thankful to have her less than a mile away for one day when we become mama friends together.
  30. She’s the kind of friend I always wanted to have. We can go from talking about meal planning while shopping at Costco to challenging one another with sinful thoughts to chasing around her kids and talking about nursing to crying and hugging, knowing what I need without saying a world. I am a true expression of myself when I’m around her. Curry you’ve taught me so much and have loved me so extravagantly well over the years. Thank you for carrying me through my sorrows and jumping up and down screaming with me through my joys. You constantly point me to Jesus- and show me Him through your grace and truth.

I am so, so thankful for you dear friend. Have the happiest of birthdays!!


About jackielopina

Follower of Jesus, Pastor's Wife, Cookie Baker.
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3 Responses to Happy Birthday Curry!

  1. Kate Titus says:

    Love this. I obviously don’t know her as well as you do, but your post confirms my suspicions about her character. :) I hope to continue to get to know her better. Happy Birthday, Curry!

  2. Linda Vincent says:

    What a beautiful way to show tribute to Curry how special of a friend she is to you. But, Jackie it also shows your ‘friend quality’ and how deeply you love. I loved you post !!

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