New Cupcake Gear

I’ve been baking cupcakes for a long time. But just recently have I started to actually DECORATE cupcakes nicely.

I realized when it comes to pretty frosting, you gotta have the gear. For a while I knew that, and just didn’t care:) But once I decided I should go ahead and try to get some good tips just to see what I could do with it!

From things I read online, the most important thing is to buy very large tips. I had bought some in random stores, but they were not big enough and did not give me the look I wanted.  Finally, I just went on Bake it Pretty and bought their “Best Ever Cupcake Icing Kit” – 5 different jumbo tips and 1 reusable pastry bag.

I tried out my new jumbo tips and this wonderful jumbo bag and it was GREAT!!! I used a few before I began keeping track, but here are a few labeled:

Ateco 809 (just open tip)

Ateco 829 (Open Star)

Ateco 849 (Closed Star)

These may be my prettiest, but I don’t remember which tip I used and don’t know them well enough to tell yet. Doh!

I still have the other ones to try out and see what are the differences between them all. Also, I know there’s other techniques I can learn to make them even fancier. This video was very helpful in learning a few tips.

And the best tip about decorating this way? You frost cupcakes in about 1/4 of the time. Seriously – it’s amazing. Go forth and frost away!


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