Quieting the House, My Heart and My Life

I finally got around to taking down my summer decorating and putting up the autumn ones. In the midst of this, there’s a decoration free moment – an empty mantle, pillow-less couches, a long, bare table – what my favorite home blogger calls “quieting your house.”

There’s a peace, a breath of fresh air in that momentary stillness. A continual empty mantle would drive me nuts. But after a bright, busy summer mantle, I crave a subtle, easy fall one. I yearn for the muted tones and rich textures. I want the grounded feeling the deep brown pillows bring to my room. I want my dining room table with a simple table runner and a rustic pumpkin on top.

Earthly. Calm.

There’s a newness that comes in Autumn. I don’t know if it’s the brisk air, the start of a new school year or the rapture of fiery changing colored leaves. But it happens. It happens in my home and in my heart too.

I try to imitate some of the beauty, some of the stillness of a fall day in my home. The simplicity of a scented candle and gourds and candlesticks. And even more important, as the autumn begins in full swing, I remember the need to create quiet space in my heart and in my life. To not only steal away for 30 minutes in the morning, but to carve away a Saturday morning or a Wednesday afternoon. To quiet my soul. To bring my busyness to the foot of the Cross.

I’m reminded that busyness is too glorified and there’s joy in the quiet and simple – living life and just being with those you love, spending extended time in God’s word. It doesn’t need to be that complicated. It doesn’t absolutely need to be simple of course, sometimes life and seasons just are complicated… but when parts of our life aren’t, why do we make them out to be?

My challenge for you and me this week – Relish the Autumn and just BE… in whatever way is hard for you. I always move at such a fast pace… this week I’m working on slowing…


About jackielopina

Follower of Jesus, Pastor's Wife, Cookie Baker.
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