A(nother) New Beginning

Our family has recently entered yet another new beginning. In the last few weeks, Bryan and I have begun the process to adopt a baby!

As I’ve shared about processing through our infertility and miscarriages, we realized one thing did not change: we still wanted to have a family. Surprisingly, as I grieved our past wounds, it was actually a dual process that slowly readied me for something new, something different.

We’re going through a local agency to adopt a newborn. We’re really excited! We’re getting starting on our paperwork and classes. So here are a few things I want to share with you, dear reader!

  1. Please be praying!! Be praying for us, our soon-to-be baby and especially our birth parents. These birth parents have a lot going on to have brought them to this place. Please be praying we can show them deep love and support, no matter what choice they make.
  2. As we go through the process, it is really important to us to respect our birthparents’ privacy. Because of that, I’m not going to share details here. I’ll share some about our experience but it’ll probably be vague too. Sorry readers! I apologize in advance, but our birthparents and baby’s privacy is way too important.
  3.  Also, in trying to be a good steward of my time, it saddens me to realize that I need to lessen my blog posting :( Since the beginning of the year, my goal has been 4-5 times a week. That hasn’t always been the case, but it’s been fairly frequent. I think over the next few months it’ll be more like 2 times a week. I may do more very short posts or quick pictures. Thanks in advance for your patience as I figure this out!

Thanks so much for your love, support and prayers for us  throughout the past 4 years and I know it will only continue. It is so joyful beginning the next step with such overwhelming support all around us. Thank you!!!

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Follower of Jesus, Pastor's Wife, Cookie Baker.
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15 Responses to A(nother) New Beginning

  1. Kate Titus says:

    So exciting! Praying for you guys.

  2. Lauren says:

    So excited! Blessings!

  3. caitbotschner says:

    Wonderful, beautiful news Jackie. Thanks for continuing to share your story!

  4. Pat says:

    Excited for you and eager for another grandchild! In God’s timing and in His way….Isaiah 55:8-9. Thanks for your perspective on praying for the birth parents; I confess that my only prayer for them thus far has been that they wouldn’t change their minds!

  5. adoptionista says:

    Congrats! Adoption has been such a blessing for us! :)

  6. Brittany Green says:

    Congrats hunny! I know you are limited on what you can share but I can’t wait to see how this unfolds for your family!

  7. Melissa Mathews says:

    Hi Jackie! It’s been such a long time since we’ve seen or spoken. This is Melissa Crutcher (now Mathews). I just wanted to tell you that I think you and Bryan are the most wonderful people for adopting. Speaking as someone who is adopted, I know that only the most AMAZING people adopt. My parents are a constant inspiration in my life. I can also tell you that it makes no difference whether a baby is birthed from you or not. The love you will feel for your child will be exactly the same and equally as strong. It will knock you off your feet. I wish only the best for you and Bryan in your new adventure! :)

    • jackielopina says:

      Hi Melissa! Thanks so much for commenting! It is really great to hear from you and I hope you are doing well. We’re nothing out of the ordinary, we just really want to have a family and are so thankful we are able to do that through the gift of adoption! It is so encouraging to hear from someone who’s lived it and had an awesome experience in their family, like you have. I love how you described that love- so beautiful… can’t wait to experience it:) Thanks so much for your sweet words. I hope you are doing so well!!

  8. theauthoress says:

    I don’t know if I missed a post, but how are things going? I would love to chat with you about adoption… We are thinking about it, too. Blessings on you! Praying for the little one God has chosen for you!

    • jackielopina says:

      Things are going great! We finished our home study and mailed our books in and are now waiting for a call from a birth mom – eek! So exciting to hear you’re thinking about adopting! I’d love to chat more about it with you too!

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