Gospel Suffering

Last week we started a series on Philippians at The Oaks Community Church. Sunday my husband preached on gospel suffering.

It was so good, it is definitely worth a listen (or a second listen!) He also mentioned our suffering through infertility which is the first time he’s said that up front which was kind of a big deal. We’ve already seen fruit in sharing our story and our so thankful that God really can use lead and turn it into gold.

Go to TheOaksCommunityChurch.org, click on sermons. It’s the Philippians series and called Gospel Suffering.

Like we often say- we’re either in suffering, coming out of it or about to enter in. None if us are immune. And we all know people close to us who are hurting deeply. If you’re not suffering, prepare your heart so when you get there you can suffer well. Seek to understand so you can walk with others through the pain and remind them of the love of Jesus. And if you’re in suffering right now, I pray that you will cling onto the cloak of Jesus and feel His sweet love and compassion for you. Praying you can endure and suffer well as you trust Christ to turn these hardships into something precious in His purposeful hands…


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2 Responses to Gospel Suffering

  1. las artes says:

    Lastly, I would like to briefly speak to the infertility issue. Infertility is a great loss and terrible suffering for so many. Anyone who has walked the painful road of infertility will tell you that adoption cannot solve that problem. Being able to adopt a child into your family is a blessing in and of itself. I have heard countless women express to me how thankful they are for their adoptive children and how they hope their child never thinks that they adopted them because they were infertile. As Megan Hill rightly says, we adopt our children because we want them, because we loved them. But it goes beyond that. We adopt them because they needed us and not because we need them.

    • jackielopina says:

      I definitely agree that adoption doesn’t solve infertility. Throughout out 4 years of suffering, I’ve written a lot on this topic, including a series on Loving Your Friend Through Infertility. For couples that have been through this, there’s a lot of heart work, grieving and processing that needs to happen before moving on to the next step – whether that means moving onto adoption or living childfree. And not only does it not fix the problem, but it’s WAY too much pressure to put on a child! Yes, infertility may lead us and others to adoption, but obviously we adopt because we want them. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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