Rest and Refreshment Last Week

Last week Bryan and I got to get away for a few days to take a Fall trip down to the lakehouse. It was WARM so we had amazing weather, gorgeous trees and a really nice relaxing time. I mentioned earlier this week, one of our goals was to work on a long questionnaire for our adoption process. (Bryan ended up being 8 pages typed and mine was 10!) It took about 4 hours and some of the questions were kind of annoying (like 6 questions within a question)… so I bought us a pack of peanut m&ms as a consolation prize. Score.

As I’m sitting huddled up in a blanket with gusts of wind and 40 degree weather outside it’s wild that just a few days ago we were on a boat with 80 degree weather. That’s the midwest for you though, right?

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PS – Hope you had a happy Halloween! :)


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One Response to Rest and Refreshment Last Week

  1. Pat says:

    Great pictures! Glad you were able to enjoy this time away.

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