Natural Organization… Or Not

One recent thing I have learned about myself is that I am not a naturally organized person. Honestly, I like to think of myself that way. It sounds so nice doesn’t it?

But the thing is, I’m an organized person out of utter necessity. I write things on my calendar the minute they’re planned because if I don’t then I might forget and not show up. I try to make everything have a place in my home because when things get lost I SCOUR for an hour and literally can never find it… And just have to ask my husband who can find most things in 20 minutes or less. It drives me batty (Although I am super grateful my hubby can find things.) I meal plan and prepare my lunch the night before because if I don’t, then we eat out 4 nights a week or I don’t eat lunch and am ready to rip someone’s head off at 3:30pm out of hunger. I write a thousand to-do lists and put things in binders because I like to have all my ducks in a row. There isn’t much that can stress me out easily but this is the top tier- dropping the ball on something, losing something, telling someone I’d do something I forgot to do. So I found in my life organization keeps things quiet, keeps the stress down.

It doesn’t solve it of course. Organization is not my god. Efficiency is not the aim of my life – glorifying God and loving Him is. And honestly, I’m not even always that good at being efficient or organized. But I have realized when I am, I am a more peaceful woman, happier wife, more efficient homemaker, more responsible worker, and better friend.

I feel like it could be easy to see my life from afar. You could see the result of some organization – meals planned, binders labeled – and think “Wow, I wish I was like that. But I’m just not.”  And if you’re not and it works for you – great!! But I think many of us drop the ball. We don’t make dinner – not for lack of money or even time – but for lack of organization and planning of deciding what we’re making ahead of time, purchasing all the ingredients at the store and planning enough time to make it.

Even though it sounds binding, there is freedom in structure. The more organized I can be, the more I can let go of control. When I have a good grasp of my home and my schedule, I can be more flexible as opposed to when I have no clue what’s really going on.

This is a constant lesson for me and one I constantly re-evaluate. Because I LOVE when things are organized it’s easy for me to think I’m good at organization. It’s new that I realized I’m not. Which is freeing, because it makes sense. However, I know that in order to do some tasks and fulfill some roles I want to fulfill in my life organization is key. If I don’t want to lose my favorite necklace I better make sure I always put it back in the same place. If I want to be able to make the meal or bake the dessert I planned, I better know I have the ingredients on hand.

Failure will happen. There’s no condemnation. But I encourage you- if you’re feeling haphazard, scattered and like you’re moving in 1,000 different directions, seek out some time to organize your life a bit. Your first priority is to organize your heart. Carve out time to spend with the Lord, re-centering your scattered soul. Then, bring it down to the more practical means. Start small. What is one small daily task you could that could benefit from a little organization? Don’t forget to always go back to your first prioity. You will struggle and there’s grace for that. Run to the cross.

Try it. Let me know how it goes. Don’t laugh, but I’m going to make myself medical/ paperwork binders and label them. Stacks of medication papers lying in my junk drawer is getting old.

What’s your organization project that needs some work? Are you a natural organizer? Or just a wanna-be like me?



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4 Responses to Natural Organization… Or Not

  1. I can remember as far back as middle school seeing that some kids struggled with organization of classwork and schedules while others seemed to effortlessly keep it all together. I do think I’m naturally organized (if not borderline OCD about some things) and I know this came from my parents who are also very much this way. There’s a beauty to disorganization, though. Sometimes I wish I could break away from my routine and “set schedule” more and just do something spontaneous!

  2. emily weller says:

    totally relate. i just can’t remember things as well anymore! i use to post my dinner meal plans on a calendar so that i can look back at what i have made for ideas (because i seriously have a hard time remembering what i made for dinner on tuesday). just one small thing that has helped me grow in organization!

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