Days of Thankfulness (Part 2)

I posted my first 10 days of Thankfulness and I figured it was time to post my 2nd… just in time for Thanksgiving.

Are you ready for your holiday yet? I hope your shopping is done and your cooking is well under way. I hope you have awesome time with friends and family!

November 11 – Thankful for community and that our church is growing in maturity, number and age.

November 12 – Thankful to get to celebrate a Thanksgiving dinner and have a relaxing afternoon with my fellow Success liaisons.

November 13 – Thankful for community partnerships in my job and getting to go to a girl scout meeting on this day.

November 14 – Thankful for my coaching call and an afternoon away.

November 15 – Thankful for a supporting supervisor and a great day of work. For a stressful couple weeks come to an end.

November 16 – Thankful for God’s faithfulness and provision, that He’s a much better King than I am.

November 17 – Thankful that my husband has the weekend off of preaching and we were able to sleep in, do a bunch of work around the house and have a fun night out with our neighbors.

November 18 – Thankful to drive to church with my husband! Very uncommon when you’re a pastor’s wife:) What a great service – so thankful to be a part of The Oaks family.

November 19

November 20 – Thankful for a 2 day work week and to have a few days off!!!

I hope your hearts are swelling with thankfulness as Thanksgiving approaches!


About jackielopina

Follower of Jesus, Pastor's Wife, Cookie Baker.
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