I Love Christmas Baking!!

How was your Thanksgiving? I hope it was amazing. We had a great one this year marked by sleeping in and relaxation – which is unusual for this holiday! Score!

Thanksgiving morning I told my husband this was the absolute least I’ve planned/ done for Thanksgiving since I became an adult. I made an amazing completely homemade green bean casserole (thank you Annie’s Eats!) on Thursday and these adorable little apple pie cookies for a Thanksgiving we had on Friday. Please note I made each like an hour before we left for Thanksgiving dinner. Oh and they took longer than I thought so I was late to each one. #ClassicJackie

That about sums up my life as of late. My mind is usually filled with visions of cooking and baking and planning (oh my!) However, all that empty space (is that an insult?) is now filled up with adoption organization and classes and things I need to ask my social worker and trying to get pictures and decide on layout and font and wording and content for our book and finishing our dear birthmother letter and trying to organize my house now that we’ve gotten rid of a room and working on the nursery (Oh MY!)

It has been good, but it’s been interesting that the time I’ve spent working on adoption stuff has basically replaced planning/ dreaming of baking/ baking for fun. I’ve baked for necessity, but probably only a few times in the past month. That’s crazy talk for me.

But oh I absolutely love Christmas baking! Here is one of the platters I brought last year. But there’s more… pull back and…

BAM!!! Even more goodies. Last year (and most years before that) I went to town. The next month or so I’ll be busy, busy so I’m setting the bar fairly low for my Christmas baking list. To be honest, I haven’t even made it yet which is SHOCKING I know!

I really hope to share at least a handful of new yummy Christmas goodies with you all. But in the meantime, I have a TON of delicious ones from last year and the year before. Add some to your holiday baking list!

Christmas goodies:

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2 Responses to I Love Christmas Baking!!

  1. cblewis91 says:

    I can’t wait to start my holiday baking either! Thanks for some new recipes to try out

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