Days of Thankfulness (Part 3)

ThankfulNovember has come and gone. This is my last list of things I’ve thankful for during this month, but my grateful heart definitely continues. God has revealed his goodness and faithfulness to us over and over again and we are so thankful!

November 21 – I am thankful for my awesome triad, for 2 dear friends who love me well and share life in joy and sorrow.

November 22 – I am thankful for my husband’s loving family and how they’ve welcomed me in, thankful for getting to celebrate Thanksgiving together and share life with one another.

November 23 – I am thankful for my family. That we all life close together and get to see one another, for my sweet sister in law and her darling girls. I’m so thankful for my loving parents and for holiday traditions.

November 24 – I am thankful for 2 women who are celebrating birthdays on this day. One is an woman who has coached me this year. She is so kind and encouraging and an awesome active listener. It has been great to get to have someone a bit on the outside to process through everything God is doing. The 2nd is my sweet friend Andrea. I feel like I’ve already blog professed my love to her so I just want to say happy birthday, friend. I have this vision in my mind of the next time we see each other and we both have our children… the knowing smile we’ll share after years of barrenness and suffering and infertility and miscarriages… that has finally culminated in the sweet gift of sharing motherhood, together. She has been so blessed by her sweet Elizabeth and it has been a blast to rejoice in that with her. And I just can’t wait until we can rejoice in the gift of motherhood together.

November 25 – So thankful for a few days off work! Thankful to have spent like 15 hours on our adoption book during my days off… feeling productive!

November 26 – So thankful to have slept in for the last few days. Not so thankful for how difficult it is to get back into my work schedule:) VERY thankful that I won’t get to sleep in for much longer…

November 27 – Thankful for good jobs and a great church, for so many things God has provided for us.

November 28 – Thankful for progress and answered prayers, for deep friendships and swimming at the pool with my favorite 2 year old.

November 29 – Thankful for my husband, my rock, the man that’s been through it all. So thankful to anticipate our new beginning together.

November 30 – Thankful for the greatest gift of all – the gospel. For grace, God’s unmerited kindness poured out on me.

Let the gratefulness continue…



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Follower of Jesus, Pastor's Wife, Cookie Baker.
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