Recommended Reading

There have been some awesome blog posts out there recently and I would highly recommend them!

How to Help the Hurting – 6 Ways to Walk with People Through Loss on Girl Talk from a talk by Nancy Guthrie

Why Motherhood is Not the Finish Line For Biblical Womanhood on The Resurgence by Sojourn’s Amanda Edmonson

The Hipster in All of Us on The Gospel Coalition written by Mike Cosper

Consider Skipping “Christmas Season” This Year on The Gospel Coalition by Daniel Montgomery and Bobby Gilles

What Your Pastor Wants You To Know  – and Ways to Bless Him on (in)courage by Lysa TerKeurst (Our people are AMAZING and so good at many of these things – but it’s always a good reminder!)

Should Christians Adopt Embryos? by Russell Moore

When Your Need To Lower Your Expectations This Christmas on (in)courage by Kristen Strong

and because I’m a Bond fan… Ranking the 6 James Bonds by Number of Martinis, Women and Kills from 22 Words


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Follower of Jesus, Pastor's Wife, Cookie Baker.
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