Looking For Must-Have Baby Item Recommendations


We are entering into the stage of trying to get things ready for our little one that will hopefully be entering into our family in the near future. We haven’t been matched yet, so we’re a a bit of a disadvantage since we don’t know a good estimate of when our baby is coming OR the gender. I know some people don’t find out their gender, but personally I think shopping for gender neutrality is the worst. It stifles my creativity man… I think it’s a personality thing:)

We are working on our nursery and I will share it with you fabulous people soon. It is gray and white with aqua. Later on if we find out we’re having a girl we’ll add in pops of coral. Because I love these two colors together:) (Image from pinterest)

And if we find out it’s a boy, the pops will be green with this type of feel… although I’m not sure what color green yet. (Isn’t this quilt gorgeous? As seen on pinterest, originally from Cluck Cluck Sew.)


My friends Andrea and Steph wrote blog posts with some of their favorite things they used with their babies. I love hearing about people’s favorites so I wanted to ask YOU all – what are some of your favorite baby items?

I have a couple specifications:

  1. Please list your top 3-5 must haves.
  2. We are trying to go a bit simple so we don’t fill our entire house up with baby stuff– only parts of it:)
  3. I’m mainly looking for your favorites in the first couple months, although you can slip in some 6-12 month favorites too if you’d like:)
  4. I’m a huge proponent of baby wearing. For my adoption philosophy especially, my first few days holding my baby, me and my husband’s smell, walk, voice and the like will all be unfamiliar. He or she hasn’t been with us for 10 months like they would during pregnancy, so we will definitely be baby wearing and doing skin to skin to ease some of that difficulty and try to create that “fourth trimester.” We don’t need a ton of “containers” although I’m sure we will want a bouncy or swing (just 1 or 2 – not 7!)

So go for it! The more specific you can be the better. If you can provide a link, that’s the best of all. Thanks so much in advance! :)


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18 Responses to Looking For Must-Have Baby Item Recommendations

  1. Kate Titus says:

    Most of the stuff I like, Steph posted on her blog. Moby wrap, diaper genie II with foot pedal, bundleme if it’s a winter baby – are probably my top top favorites.

  2. Instant Mama says:

    I like the moby. You can use it as infant up to a couple years. Front, back side, skin-to-skin. One wrap and nothing else to buy. And it takes up no space at all to store. It does take some getting used to when learning how to wrap, though, so give it a few times before getting frustrated!

    • jackielopina says:

      Awesome recommendations! Thanks so much Brittany! I will definitely be adding a couple of those to my list. I borrowed a travel swing and a little bouncer from my sister in law but I might take you up on the rock and play! That looks awesome. I’ll let you know:) Thanks for putting in the time to provide the links and everything!!

  3. adoptionista says:

    We loved the Dr. Brown’s bottles for all 3 of our foster babies as newborns with gas. More parts to wash, but when their little tummies do better, you’re willing to wash as many parts as possible! :) Once they outgrew that gas/newborn belly phase, the Avent bottles were super easy to wash and still do a good job reducing gas. We also loved the Skip Hop Treetop Friends playmat – more neutral so we didn’t feel like our living room was a ToysRus store room. Our favorite diaper cream remains A&D ointment – been tested through 5 babies now! :)

  4. jenrmott says:

    We also use Dr. Brown’s bottles when needed–They are great mostly because they have good air flow and our baby does have gas issues and upset tummy often. On that note, GAS DROPS are great. You can get them anywhere and they are in a little medicine dropper container. Jackson loves lapping those things up.

    Lots of linking rings…they can hook onto anything and really are Jackson’s favorite toy because he can actually grasp his little fingers around them and bring them up to his mouth.

    We use a bath MAT instead of a bath tub…We have the Leachco safer bather (http://www.squidoo.com/top-ten-baby-bath-pads-and-cushions) Jackson loves to kick and splash…even as 3 months. He definitely wouldn’t be able to discover as much if he was positioned in a seat. Although, I do have to be a lot more hands-on with the bath to make sure that when he turns his face into the water a little bit he doesn’t suck in a ton of water :)

    Passy clip- must have. Nothing worse than trying to grab a rolling passy from under the crib in the dark or bending over 30 times a day.

    I love our play mat too– it has a little light up musical cat right in the middle above baby. Jackson is fascinated with the cat and also like to hit the dangling toys. We use that thing everyday.

    Johnson and johnson bedtime lotion (purple bottle)- I swear this stuff made him start sleeping through the night.

    SwaddleMe velco wrap. We fully swaddled him has a newborn with those Swaddle Plus Aden and Anais blankets but now we use the little velco wrap with his arms out every night.

  5. Katie says:

    Here’s our top items. :) Praying you won’t have to wait long to be matched!
    1. Swaddling blanket- either nice muslin blankets, a swaddle me, or miracle blanket
    2. Spit up rags but we use cloth diapers from Walmart and they work great
    3. An infant play yard. Hours of entertainment
    4. Random things like saline (for their stuffy noses) and gas drops or something if you’re little one is fussy

    Neither of our babies liked their bouncy or swing… But something to sit them in is nice too.

  6. Lindsay says:

    The things I would recommend are on these lists. Two containers are perfect one for each floor. I love the travel swing for upstairs because it sits in the babies room and he likes it in the mornings right when he wakes up and I am trying to get ready. Then a bouncy seat that goes to a rocker for a toddler for downstairs. I like the idea that he can sit in it and read when he is older. I use containers more now than with Meicol because it is colder in the spring and summer I just threw a blanket down. As for bottles I loved Playtex Nursers the ones that use drop in bags so you don’t have to worry about getting the bottles clean. I swore by them when we had Meicol and the first 6 weeks for Naun but just recently switched over to Dr. Brown’s due to gas, reflux maybe colic. It seems to maybe be helping. They are a super pain to wash but if it helps I will wash bottles for hours! I love the swadle me blankets also. 2 is plenty. We just swaddle at night and he sleeps much better. A few extra baby towels so you can wrap the baby in one during the bath so he/she is not wailig. Meicol hated the bath until he was like 3 months old unless I got in and held him. Naun screams unless I wrap him in a towel and lay him in the bath. Maybe your little one will love the bath!?!
    1. 2 containers
    2. Playtex nursers
    3. 2 swaddle me blankets
    4. Extra baby towels
    Hope this helps.

  7. Heather Drake says:

    Chicco travel system, Aden & Anais blankets, small Taggies blankets for early grasping & chewing, Moby Wrap, Baby Einstein (I think) musical toy (looks like an iPod with a handle, lights up & plays classical songs), Swaddle blankets with velcro.

  8. caitbotschner says:

    Better late than never! I highly recommend these reusable pads that you can put on your changing table or pack in your diaper bag for the early months of wetting everything during changes. They are easy to wash and generally keep whatever is beneath them dry and clean (so your cute changing cover is not always in the wash, bonus!)


    Your colors are adorable, we are praying for you during this time of anticipation!

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