Reflecting on 2012


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Began sponsoring a child through Compassion from Kenya; Adopted 2 embryos and did our first FET cycle – our embryo transfer was 1/18. Friday January 27th – we got the joyful news we were pregnant!!! A few days later we were devastated to find out our sweet baby was going to miscarry.



The weekend after our loss we spent the weekend away in Louisville; Lucie and our niece Jovie was born; Got great news that we were able to adopt the 2 siblings of our first embryos – started our 2nd cycle of FET.



Celebrated 5 years at Help Me Grow; Did our 2nd embryo transfer on 3/28.





On Good Friday we found out we would yet again have another chemical pregnancy, another early miscarriage. We both had decided this was our last attempt at pregnancy, so not only had we lost our embryos, but this was also the end of the road for us in this. Hosted a beautiful Easter dinner with my family. Got away to the lakehouse.








Went out on an incredible date to an amazing meal and Les Mis, survived another Mother’s Day. One of my dearest work friends left HMG. Sojourn Network Lead Pastor and Wives retreat. Threw my parentsHawaii themed 60th birthday party.



Celebrated our 5 year anniversary with a weekend of reminiscing; Went to the lakehouse with Matt and Missy



Our church moved to the senior center; Watched a lot of the summer Olympics



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Ran our 1st 5k! Feeling the fog lift; San Francisco Trip



San Francisco/ Sonoma Valley Trip; Began the adoption process; Had my last day at HMG and started my new job; Our church’s 5th Anniversary.



Our first pregnancy’s due date- 10/5; Lakehouse


IMG_7952 copyBW IMG_1600

First home visit with our social worker on the 1st – turned in almost all our paperwork! Photoshoot with Bryan’s sister. Painted the nursery! Working on all our adoption classes.



IMG_2153 IMG_2154 IMG_2157 IMG_2170

Our 2nd pregnancy’s due date (12/13). Our 4 years since trying to start a family (the 18th). Mailed our adoption books in (the 17th)! Our 2nd home visit with our social worker – finished our home study (12/27)! Impromptu getaway to Indianapolis for New Year’s.

It has been an intense year – filled with low lows and high highs. 2012 was a year split in two separate parts – the first 6 months were the final crushing blows of our infertility journey including two miscarriages and losing our 4 adopted embryos. The last 6 have been Jesus drawing us out of the pit and restoring my life, revealing His grace and goodness to me in full abundance. Looking back, I am amazed at what God has done in our family and in my heart from just the spring of this year to now. He had brought me to ashes, but He now restores my life. Just 7 or 8 months ago, restoration, healing and joy seemed so far away but I have ben so humbled and thankful for how Jesus has given them freely. We don’t yet have a baby, but our deep suffering of infertility has ended and the healing and sanctification continues. Our journey continues on… looking forward with hopeful expectation for what 2013 will bring!


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