Our Fall Photoshoot

My super talented sister in law took some awesome pictures of Bryan and I a few months back. You may have seen them on facebook but I realized I never shared them here! Enjoy! IMG_7800 copy IMG_7798 copy
IMG_7776 copy IMG_7780 copyBW IMG_7795 copy IMG_7783 copy IMG_7818 copyBW IMG_7821 copy IMG_7806 copy IMG_7812 copy IMG_7826 copyBW IMG_7834b copy IMG_7894 copy IMG_7902 copy IMG_7909 copy IMG_7914 copyIMG_7964 copy IMG_7954 copyBW IMG_7949 copy IMG_7955 copy IMG_7961 copyBW IMG_7968 copy IMG_7952 copy IMG_7941 copyBW

Courtesy of Connell Photography – isn’t she incredible?!? She took a few “Adoption” pictures too… which were not on facebook… and will be debuted here later this week:)


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Follower of Jesus, Pastor's Wife, Cookie Baker.
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