My Library of Children’s Books

IMG_2311I’ve always loved, loved children’s books. And now, with our home study done and hopefully waiting for our little one, I finally have a good reason to build my own library!

I decided I would buy a book a week during the process… so the first few months I stocked up a few:) Over the last couple months we have been so blessed to be gifted so many books by loving friends! I wanted to remember who gave us each of our books and  have it all in one place.

What are your favorite children’s books?


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6 Responses to My Library of Children’s Books

  1. I feel so honored to have two of my books on this list! Best of luck on your journey to parenthood!

  2. travels with mary says:

    you should check out “Press Here” by Herve Tullet– it’s my favorite kids book! here’s the book trailer:

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