Clean. Simple. Ahhh

I recently updated my bathroom. I’ve been wanting to do it FOREVER but it just always went to the bottom of my list. I got some nice white towels for Christmas and it was easy to update from there!

Old… brown & striped…IMG_2281 IMG_2280 IMG_2281 And NEW!

Bright white towels, shower curtain and these incredible memory foam rugs.
IMG_2228IMG_2229IMG_2222I love how it looks so crisp, fresh and new. Just a couple touches totally change the look of my bathroom! Yay!


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7 Responses to Clean. Simple. Ahhh

  1. Kristin A. says:

    Love the simplicity of it (and the wall color!!). Great job!!

  2. travels with mary says:

    I love white towels- nothing feels cleaner or more luxurious to me! and I love that wall color!!

    • jackielopina says:

      Thank you! I remember white towels being recommended to me before I got married and I thought ‘boring!’ And now I think ‘DUH!’ It’s like a crisp white palette to do whatever you will with it!

      • travels with mary says:

        and you can also bleach them! our house is a bit of a project and we’ve had tons of random leaks or dripping pipes. I love having extra white towels on hand because I can get anything out of them!

      • travels with mary says:

        also, I just realized you’re in Ohio! I live in Columbus and am working on my PhD in Education over at Ohio State!

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