For My Husband

For my husband

Today is my husband’s 29th birthday. He and I feel polar opposite about celebrating our birthdays. I take the day off work and plan celebratory events all week and he… Well he takes the Don Draper approach :)

Because I love birthdays, in the past I’ve made a huge deal out of his birthday because that’s what I would want! But over the last year or so I’ve really been focusing on loving Bryan the way he would want to be loved, not just what’s easiest for me to give or how I think he should receive love. And this birthday is no different. So waffles and bacon in the morning and a steak dinner after work… bacon and steak and rare occurrences in this house so hopefully the special treats will turn out well:)

But Bryan, I don’t care if it’s your birthday or a random Thursday in February I can’t pass up the chance to say how grateful I am that you was born 29 years ago. I’m so grateful that almost 11 years ago you came into my life and almost 6 years ago we covenanted to be together forever. It’s so beautiful to me that God knew your days, He knew the man you would become and sovereignty orchestrated you to become a godly man, a loving husband and strong, visionary lead pastor of The Oaks.

Thank you for loving me hard and strong, for being my rock in uncertain times and for always pointing me to the ultimate Rock – Jesus. The gospel is weaved into everything you do and say and I am so grateful to get to live with you and love with you. It’s been such a joy to watch your excitement grow about a baby joining our lives. I know you will be such an involved and engaged and loving dad and I am so thrilled to see you step into that role! (And support me as I learn how to be a mom.) Thank you for setting the foundation of our family and for loving me well. I love you so much. Happy birthday.

If you know my husband, instead of just shooting a “happy birthday” via tweet or text, tell him something you value or appreciate about him. You can say happy birthday too… I know I couldn’t pass it up:) Thanks!!


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