What ya been up to?

Here’s what instagram and my iphone says I’ve been up to lately:

Registering and buying baby gear…IMG_2176

Baking blueberry scones…IMG_2199FREAKING OUT over the fabric overload happening in the nursery (clockwise from right – possible closet, possible closet, bedskirt, valances, chair and ottoman, crib sheet)…

IMG_2200Being lavished and overwhelmed by love and gifts of many friends…

IMG_2252Enjoying gift card date nights (complete with THREE mini chocolate desserts)…

IMG_2263Having deja vu as I went back to Miami and McGuffey Hall where I had most of my classes (and felt old enough that I didn’t even pretend I belonged)…

IMG_2274Smiling that my hunt for a mattress is FINALLY over (one of the things I was THE MOST psycho about)…

IMG_2333 Freezing from (some of) the weather…IMG_2345 Wanting to play with the Disney Princess Little People we got our niece for her 1st birthday (we got Belle and the Beast too!) …IMG_2350 Hanging out with some of my favorite little ones…IMG_2356 Being sick (all better now!)…IMG_2362

Getting my crochet on in trainings for work (AND enjoying a homemade latte I picked up from my dear friend that morning)…IMG_2376

Wishing our sweet niece happy 1st birthday!!!IMG_2395Looking at baby pictures of myself for an activity at work…


Being so thankful for friends loaning us all kinds of goodies!!!


Enjoying my birthday…


With a dutch baby from Original Pancake house…

IMG_2396 And an incredible night with wonderful friends and great sushi

Thanks for all the fabulous birthday wishes! Happy Tuesday! :)



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2 Responses to What ya been up to?

  1. Kate says:

    Just curious what you were looking for in a mattress that was hard to find (?). Our girls mattresses were bought by their grandparents, and I thought they were pretty good at the time, but they don’t seem to be holding up super well. Not firm at all. Is there a certain brand you would recommend?

    • jackielopina says:

      I was basically looking for 1) a mattress that fit super tight (I’m not using a bumper or anything) and 2) one that felt super firm– can’t really explain it but I would know by feeling it. We got our crib at ikea and although they said it has typical measurements I think it’s a bit longer than typical cribs. Mattresses can vary by about 2 inches and that made a huge difference to me. Mattresses would be too small or even if they said “extra firm” they weren’t really up to the standard of how I firm I wanted them to be. I was kind of being a psycho about it all. :)

      We ended up getting a Stearns and Foster mattress from Babies ‘R Us. I liked that its a real mattress brand- not just one that makes baby mattresses and I think it has a 10 year warranty. Not really sure if I could totally recommend it since I don’t know for sure it will still be firm and fabulous in a couple years, but I’m happy with it so far. Sorry this was long winded:)

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