10 Favorite February Things!

1. My Lands End Vest. I tried the whole puffy vest thing a long time ago… but when they’re “puffy” then they make me look like a marshmallow and it was atrocious. I got this one for Christmas and it was as thin as I had hoped! The curse of having a wonderful winter coat is when you’re shopping or running a bunch of errands it can get HOT. Enter this vest. This is my new go-to to go shopping… even if it’s cold, I just throw on a hat, gloves and a scarf and I’m good to go! I even ordered another one:)


2. Memory foam bathroom rugs from Bed, Bath and Beyond. I bought these when I redid my bathroom in all white… they are my favorite part:)

V745A Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier

3. My humidifier. I LOOOOVE my humidifier. Is that a weird thing to say? It’s such a comforting sound to sleep to and its awesome you can put cold medicine in there when you’re sick like I was a few weeks ago!

4. THIS. CAKE. Fudgey pecan torte. There are only a few things in the world that I’ve decided are better for me when others bake them then I bake them myself. This is the primary one. For the last few years I’ve had my mom make this for my birthday cake and it is phenomenal. So rich and delicious. I promise I’ll share the recipe soon!


5. I’ve realized I wear the exact same thing almost every day I’m off work – jeans, tee shirt and this wonderful sweater/sweatshirt from Banana Republic outlet. I have three and most of the time when I wear one there is at least one or two other women at The Oaks wearing it too:) They are SO warm and cozy.


6. I’ve been rocking some sushi this month. I LOVE sushi and we got to go out TWICE for it in February! Once was for my birthday at Thai 9 and some awesome friends joined us and once was this week for date night with a gift card for Geisha… it’s not my husband’s favorite thing but he knows how much I love and he’ll enjoy it sometimes too! PS – I have a thing for pickled ginger.

7. I am so thankful for gift cards! This is the time of year – with Christmas and birthdays passed- that we’re pretty stocked. We’re trying to cut back a bit on date night/ restaurant budget so it’s such a blessing to go out and enjoy a meal or free or less!


8. My book club. I meet with some of my old coworkers. We started as a group of 4 and have grown to 6. We’ve been meeting regularly since about June and it has been a blast. It’s so fun because we all used to be Help Me Grow service coordinators and all but one has moved on to another role so it’s a great way to stay connected. I do also have to stay it’s probably been the most successful book club I’ve been in yet! I think since there’s a smaller number, we’re committed to one another and meeting together… and will really try to read the book. We’re not always great at it and there was one month where NO ONE read it, but it’s been so fun to go from meeting for lunch monthly to start hanging out for an extended evening at one of our houses. Also, I LOVE getting to read books I wouldn’t necessarily be interested in. We’ve read a handful of really great books so far!!

9. Wellness retreat. My first 2-3 years at work they had a one day wellness retreat… they weren’t able to do it the past few years but they had it again this year!! We had our wellness retreat on Friday and it was AWESOME! Basically we worked out and talked about health all day. I did zumba class in the morning, went to a nutrition seminar, went to the Y in the afternoon and did yoga class, spinning and swam some laps. I ALSO won a great new scale at the raffle prizes and I’ve been wearing the pedometer we all got. It’s such a great day to spend with coworkers and to get motivated about how importance exercise and taking care of my health is. AND it’s great to feel appreciated and have a morale boosting day. BCESC – you rule. I love working for you.

10. Bryan and I regularly go on date nights to connect and get good time together. I know we won’t be able to do that as frequently when we get our baby (and ESPECIALLY not at first) so I’ve been trying to think of a new routine Bryan and I can do that can help us stay connected. At the wellness retreat we watched this video and I realized – brilliant! We should start going on 30 minute walks together daily. Killing multiple birds with one stone – getting active, spending time with my husband and creating space for good family time once Baby Lopes comes around. We started this week and although it’s a bit cold, its been AWESOME so far!!


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3 Responses to 10 Favorite February Things!

  1. Kate says:

    I spent about 10 months looking for bathroom rugs that went with the blue tile in our bathroom, finally found a color match at TJ Maxx a couple weeks ago – and they’re memory foam. Yay!

  2. Instant Mama says:

    Family walks are awesome!

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