Adoption Milestones – Our Baby Shower

IMG_7860 copyBWLast month I was so blessed for some sweet friends to throw me a beautiful baby shower. That morning I tweeted:

“Today is my baby shower. There were about 2 years of my life I thought I’d never be able to say that. #overwhelmed #graceupongrace”

Which is a true statement. Throughout our infertility treatment I fluttered between sure confidence that this cycle would work and we would get pregnant and the fatal resignation that we would never get pregnant and we would never get to be parents. The first fear came true. We never did get pregnant. Barring a miracle, we never will. There aren’t many people who go through infertility and don’t eventually get pregnant. But we are some of those people.

There have been multiple aspects in our adoption journey that have been so healing for my heart and restoring for this deep resignation that I was tempted to feel. The first was painting our nursery (which I’ll share more about as it gets closer to being finished) and the second was my baby shower.

My dear friend Curry planned and hosted it. I didn’t know if I wanted to have a baby shower before we got a baby (traditionally with adoption, your shower is after) but my friend Bridget that had adopted totally convinced me:) And Bridget – I am so thankful for that!

Curry and her sweet sister Anna planned a gorgeous shower  – blue and pink details with a vintage touch. Silver platters, crystal plates and Beatrix Potter books and a stunning mantle…it would have been what I would have dreamed had I known something so beautiful could be mine. I began tearing up as soon as I walked in and saw it. The blue and pink details were so fun because we got to guess with each food or drink choice whether Baby would be a boy or a girl… the girl votes were winning :) Bridget made me an awesome diaper cake. Curry had everyone write wishes for our sweet baby and we prayed for a bit at the end.

Curry, thank you for throwing me such an amazing shower. Anna, Missy, Carlie, and Bridget – thank you so much for helping Curry, bringing food, decorating and helping make the morning what it was. Christy, thank you for taking such great pictures to capture this day!! I will treasure them always.

It was such a beautiful, joy-filled, emotional morning. It was so awesome to have family, friends from The Oaks, old coworkers, and neighbors all together, surrounding me. I felt so loved to be with friends and family who had mourned with us and are now celebrating with us. I am so thankful for each and every one of you. Oh dear one, you are SO loved already!!

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8 Responses to Adoption Milestones – Our Baby Shower

  1. This is so beautiful. How awesome it is that you had a baby shower!! Tears here.

  2. adoptionista says:

    Love this!! What a gorgeous shower! :)

  3. Leslie says:

    Wow Jackie!! I would have loved to have been there! Soo fun!! I am truly SOOOOOO happy for you and just really wish/want the best for you and your family! I will always love you- you still have always been one of my closest friends:) (seems soo long ago we couldn’t stop laughing on the floor- playing with your huge baby dolls etc.. ) hehe! Excited to check in! ~ Les

    • jackielopina says:

      Thanks so much Leslie!! That is so, so sweet of you! I have many fond memories of years and years of playing together to hanging together. :) So thankful for you!! Hope you’re doing well!!

  4. theauthoress says:

    So happy for you!!!!

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