Recent Life Through The Senses

I see…
Cupcake liners overflowing in my baking cabinet
Little yellow onesies filling up the closet
A nursery getting closer and closer to being done
My husband getting baby fever and preparing to be an awesome dad

I hear…
JT singing “Suit & Tie” on my iPhone
Family and friends saying they’re praying for us

I think…
About how to be intentional with my husband and what that will look like as routines change
About baby names

I laugh…
With dear friends
When out with family
At the days to come

I cry…
At mildly touching parts of movies and shows that aren’t even long enough to be cry-worthy
Whenever we sing Christ Crucified at church (Come and view the Lamb of God, wounded and dead and bathed in blood. Behold, his side and venture near, the well of endless life is here!) SO good!
Whenever I imagine our baby being places in my arms

I dream…
Of a Hawaiian vacation
Of my summer off
Of baby wearing as much as possible
Of chaotic mom/ baby play dates with Curry, John & Lucie
Of finally becoming the family of 3 we’ve prayed so long for


About jackielopina

Follower of Jesus, Pastor's Wife, Cookie Baker.
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