Sentimental Musings

Sometimes I get spontaneously sentimental. All four of my grandparents are no longer living. There are certain things things thy make me think of them when I see, hear or smell something that was theirs or they loved. And for a brief moment or takes me back to when I was a child seeing their home and life in another light.

It’s interesting the different perception of memories when you’re older. My Grandma Lewis was a baker. But I was too young to bake with her (and she was probably too stubborn and independent to let me!!) so I don’t have memories of us baking pies together but when I bake strawberry rhubarb pies, just for a moment I see life through her eyes. Most people I know could tell you I utterly despise the smell of cigarettes and cigars. But I love the smell of a pipe. Because for a moment it reminds me of being 10 and being in my Grandpa Douglas’ music room with his smoke stained piano keys, violin on the wall and handwritten sheet music. He was a grumpy old man when I knew him and died when I was just 13 so unfortunately he’s been gone the longest… but I feel like he was so interesting. It’s unfortunate I didn’t get to ask him more stories of his life. I’m thankful those can live on through my dad.


I think of my Grandma Lewis…
Whenever I taste homemade jam
Whenever I snap fresh green beans
Whenever I make strawberry rhubarb pie


I think of my Grandpa Lewis…
When I see an older man with false teeth
When I hear about someone pickin’ berries
When I drink green kool-aid
Whenever I read the Christmas story from Luke


I think of my Grandpa Douglas…
When I see an old picture of someone in the army
Whenever I see someone directing musicians
Whenever I smell cigars
Whenever I see handwritten sheet music


I think of my Grandma Douglas…
Whenever I hear Frank Sinatra (True story – she was actually asked out my Frank Sinatra when they were in their 20s… She said no.)
When I see her teapots sitting on the shelf in my bathroom
Whenever I hear order women talk about their “boyfriends” laughingly
When I see a beagle
When I smell her perfume
On Christmas morning when she’s not joining us, eating her one hello dolly for the year and giving us presents from Santa

So thankful for the time with these people who built my family and paved the way for me.


About jackielopina

Follower of Jesus, Pastor's Wife, Cookie Baker.
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