10 Favorite March Things


1. Stripey straws and cupcake liners from Sweet Shop Lulu!


2. My 31 thermal tote. I love this lunch box! It’s adorable, monogrammed and large enough even for La Raza leftovers:)


3. Nalgene. Its been too long since I’ve had a Nalgene nod. This has been my faithful brand of water bottle since sophomore year of high school… even longer than I’ve been with my husband! Ha! One of the schools I work at has gross tasting water so I take 2 Nalgenes a day (and have one in my car!)

4. Eddie Bauer rain jacket. The last few years I’ve asked for coats for Christmas… It’s a pretty good idea in case you were wondering. I’ve been wanting a good spring/ cool weather jacket. I actually saw someone wearing it- our friends we met in adoption class – and I found it online that night:) Done and done.

5. Movie watching with my husband. We go on spurts and this winter we’ve gone out to the movies a bunch and have been watching them at home too! It was fun to be able to watch almost all the Oscar nominated films and pick our favorites.

6. The Bible on The History Channel. I have so enjoyed watching this these past few weeks. Often I feel like bible movies can be cheesy or inaccurate but I feel like this has been really well done!


7. Paper Lanterns for the mobile in the nursery. I am trying to do an idea we saw on Pinterest. I may not have calculated the circumference and number well and ordered a few too many:)


8. Little boy clothes!! Button down and Polos are just too adorable.


9. Happiest Baby on The Block. Almost done!

10. Countdown to Baby! He is coming so soon!! We are so excited!!


About jackielopina

Follower of Jesus, Pastor's Wife, Cookie Baker.
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2 Responses to 10 Favorite March Things

  1. Jessica Seed says:

    JackieI’m so excited for you guys!!!!!

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