The Story of Our Son – The Big Surprise (Part 2)

IMG_8016 bw copyThe previous post walked us through Thursday, Good Friday and Saturday. As we often say, “It’s Friday… But Sunday’s coming!” Meaning that although all seems bleak now (after Jesus’ death on Good Friday), Sunday brings the miracle of the resurrected Lord- along with joy, peace and clarity of the suffering.

We got an email Sunday afternoon from our agency. It stated that a birth mom was going to the hospital for delivery and they asked if we wanted them to show her our book. I read the email thinking “What?” I showed my husband and asked what he thought. We decided we would and kind of thought “Why not?” We didn’t want to get our hopes up (or anyone else’s) so even though we got the email when my family was over for Easter, we didn’t say anything.

We heard nothing that night. We heard nothing the next morning. When 11:30 Monday morning rolled around, I was getting very antsy. I emailed the agency and asked if they knew a timeline and if they would let us know if we weren’t chosen. She emailed back about noon and said the social worker was meeting with her now and would email out as soon as she knew.

Yikes! So either way we would know soon. Bryan and I tried not to get our hopes up, but we failed. We both really, really wanted this baby.

I couldn’t just sit by the phone and wait so I decided to make some cookie dough. I was finishing up when my phone rang. This could only mean one thing. I answered as quickly as possible and Bryan ran in there, listening on speakerphone. “Jackie, I’m calling because you responded positively to the email about the birth mom and she picked you!” She gave us some info about the baby and mentioned something about “he.” “It’s a boy?” I asked. “Yes, he’s a boy,” she answered. We would have been thrilled with either, but a wave of peace and affirmation passed over me when she told us that. She asked if we could come and see him soon. We said we’d come as soon as possible! She told us to start packing and she would give us a call after she worked everything out with the hospital social worker and we were good to go.

We hung up the phone and the adrenaline kicked in. “Are we actually getting a baby today?!?” We packed our bags and a bag for him too. I don’t know if we had ever packed so fast! We got the call that we were good to go and drove to the hospital. We were going to meet our baby!!

To be continued…

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8 Responses to The Story of Our Son – The Big Surprise (Part 2)

  1. Amy Douglas says:

    Tears!! Words can’t express how happy we are for you…and for US! Love that little man and so honored to be his aunt!

  2. Christy Connell says:

    aaah! I second Amy’s comment- just when I think I’ve gotten the crying out of my system! So thankful to be able to kiss those sweet cheeks today!!!! :)

  3. Katy Nicole says:

    I just discovered your blog and I am currently sobbing my eyes out… wow!!! Your story is amazing…such a testament to God’s goodness and faithfulness!!! I just know that you two are going to be the most incredible parents to your sweet baby boy! Congrats!!! I would love to link your blog so that my readers could also be encouraged!!! Blessings to you THREE!!!

    Katy Nicole

    • jackielopina says:

      Hi Katy!! Thanks so much for reading our story and sharing in our intense joy! We are so thrilled to have our sweet son after so much suffering.

      Feel free to share on your blog! I would be honored:)

  4. eidlewise says:

    Hi Jackie, I have just discovered your blog. I am so impressed that you can go through the highs and lows and share it. Both of you and your little son have been so sweetly blessed with each other. What a wonderful testimony to His faithfulness!

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