Bryan’s Month 1 Milestones

It’s hard to believe but TODAY is Bryan’s 1 month birthday! We have been so utterly blessed in the past month. Time indeed does fly and there’s so much I never want to forget so I wanted to document his milestones here. He’s doing so many new things every day!


Week 0-1

April 1st- April 7th

  • Regards face
  • Sleep smile
  • Tight balled hands
  • Tight, not much head lag (not a good thing)
  • So hard for him to wake up! Always cracks one eye open first
  • Always puts arms up while getting burped so they bounce when I pat him on the back
  • Eats 30-60 milliliters


Week 1-2

April 8th-April 14th

  • More eye contact
  • Longer awake periods
  • Goes from deep sleep to STARVING in beginning of week/ then awake for a while before hungry
  • Sleep laugh (best thing ever!!)
  • 4/9- First big cry after his circumcision
  • 4/11- back up to birth weight! Hit a growth spurt and eating more frequently
  • 4/12- umbilical cord fell off, began grabbing at our clothes and my necklace
  • Growth period/ a couple fussy days at the end of the week
  • Eats 75-105 mls


Week 2-3

April 15th- April 21st

  • Started wearing 0-3 month clothes
  • Loves to snuggle. Usually wakes up when we put him down (and gives us the stink eye if we’re trying to leave!) Has a hard time sleeping in his bassinet for long periods.
  • Always holding on to me or my clothes when I hold him
  • Making eye contact while feeding sideline
  • Turns head from one side to the other when lying on back
  • Eats 120- 130 mls (4 ounces!)


Week 3-4

April 22nd- April 27th

  • Making lots of eye contact
  • Stretching a lot during sleep or when he’s waking up
  • 4/22- A few smiles while awake
  • 4/25- Finally home!!
  • When on belly lying on our chest, raises head up for several seconds and can take it from one side to the other
  • Cooing
  • Grunts a lot
  • Turns head side to side when on back
  • Looking at lights
  • Eats 4-5 ounces
  • 4/27 – FIRST RESPONSIVE SMILES!!! At 2:45pm when Mama was making funny noises. So wonderful. I cried:)

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4 Responses to Bryan’s Month 1 Milestones

  1. Kate says:

    First smiles are so amazing. <3

  2. Lauren says:

    Love it! All spoken like a true home visitor/family studies major ;) Makes me want to ask you “So what’s new?! Has Bryan been doing anything new or different recently?” And sit on your floor with a PAT box :) Love you, friend!

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